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Four People Shot at Northern Arizona University

Oct 9, 2015  •  Post A Comment

Editor’s Note: In the email that went out earlier today alerting many of our readers to this story, the word “rampage” was used to describe this item. We apologize to our readers, for that word does not describe this incident and should not have been used.

Just days after a mass shooting on a college campus in Oregon, another campus has been hit by tragedy. The New York Times reports that a shooting early today at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff left one person dead and three others wounded.

The alleged shooter, an 18-year-old student at the university, was taken into custody, officials reported.

“G. T. Fowler, the chief of campus police, said that Steven Jones, a freshman, had opened fire after two groups of male students were involved in a confrontation,” The Times reports. “The police were able to take Mr. Jones into custody after he stopped firing the weapon and ‘everything calmed down for a few minutes,’ Chief Fowler said.”

Each of the three survivors had gunshot wounds, according to Fowler. They were reportedly being treated at Flagstaff Medical Center.

“A statement on the university’s website said the episode occurred just after 1 a.m. at the school, which enrolls about 20,000 students at its Flagstaff campus, 140 miles north of Phoenix,” the paper reports. “The shooting took place near Mountain View Hall. The building houses most of the school’s fraternities and sororities.”

The Times report adds: “Members of a fraternity, Delta Chi, were involved in the episode, but Mr. Jones was not a member, and it was unclear whether the person who was killed was affiliated with the fraternity, Justin P. Sherman, Delta Chi’s executive director, said in a statement. ‘At this time, we can confirm that this incident had no ties to the chapter,’ he said.”

The shootings come eight days after a mass shooting on the campus of Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Ore., left 10 people dead.


  1. Nice click bait by using a headline making people assume it was another mass shooting rather than an argument between groups of students that escalated.

  2. Hi Bill. Do we write our headlines with the hope it will entice readers to click on our stories. Absolutely. That being said, regarding this particular headline, the headline in The New York Times — our source for this item — is “Northern Arizona University Shooting Leaves 1 Dead and 3 Wounded.” I don’t know that that’s a lot different than what we wrote. Furthermore, isn’t much of the discussion around this issue about gun violence, and not necessarily the circumstances leading up to the victims getting shot?

    Chuck Ross
  3. It is the word RAMPAGE in the headline that is ‘misleading’

    • Huh? That’s not in our headline.

      Chuck Ross
  4. The word “rampage” is used in the subject line for the e-mail. That had to come from you guys, somehow.
    Also…this isn’t TV related, so I wonder why you chose to include the news story at all.

    • Hi Rhianjane. Thank you for bringing that to my attention. I hadn’t checked the email we had sent out. I have spoken to the editor who wrote that, and we should not have used the word “rampage” in our email. As to why we included the story at all, TVWeek has for years now included top news stories among our regular mix of TV stories we post.

      Chuck Ross
  5. TV Week has also always shown a liberal view and where firearms are concerned that view prevails regardless of the facts. Liberals concept of gun control is essentially like telling me to have a vasectomy because my neighbor has too many kids! Law abiding gun owners (emphasis on law abiding) are not the problem and never have been yet EVERY law ONLY affects them! We have a mental health problem, not a gun problem. But liberals want us to think of the perpetrators as victims too. The thing that is most interesting is that when guns are the topic the media focuses on what the least knowledgeable people say. They offer opinion as if it were fact or simply make up statistics on the spot! You will never learn in the mainstream media that every mass shooting has been perpetrated by a registered Democrat. From army bases to diners to universities, all Democrats! If you do the research and find I missed a Republican please make the correction.

  6. Where, in this article, did a liberal view prevail? It seems to me like this article simply stated the facts. Even if TV Week misused the word “rampage” in an email subject line, using that word is not placing blame (either on guns or on mental health).

    Also, the baseless hoax of a theory that “all mass shootings have been committed by registered Democrats” (which was created and spread by a right-wing radio host) was debunked a LONG time ago. So now who’s “offering opinion as fact”? Sounds like someone needs a reality check…

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