Dan Rather on Donald Trump: ‘I Don’t Think It’s Outside the Realm of Possibility He Gets Elected’ — Watch the Video

Oct 12, 2015  •  Post A Comment

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, former “CBS Evening News” anchor Dan Rather examined the Donald Trump phenomenon and the 2016 presidential race, commenting, “I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibility he gets elected.”

Rather noted that he expects Trump to go deep into the primary process, but stopped short of predicting that Trump would win the GOP nomination. The veteran newsman raises a number of questions about Trump’s foreign policy and immigration policy during the three-minute interview clip, which you can watch below.


  1. How else does one learn about Foreign Policy? Get in to office. It is b.s.. How does a state senator know about various policy? It is time for an outsider…

  2. Holy Jesus! If he should somehow be elected, I’ll leave the country.

    Where is Oswald now that we need him?


  3. TRUMP for POTUS 2016!

    Oh, Buzz Ashley, when The Donald becomes president make sure the door doesn’t hit you in the bum when getting out of America. May I suggest Syria. Hopefully more politically inept people like yourself will choose to leave as well.

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