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Disney Theme Parks Roll Out Whopping Price Hike — Annual Pass Hits Four Figures

Oct 5, 2015  •  Post A Comment

Disney has pumped up the prices that visitors will pay to attend a number of its most popular theme parks, according to media reports. The Washington Post reports that an anytime pass to the company’s Southern California parks Disneyland and California Adventure, which previously cost $779, is now priced at $1,049.

The anytime pass includes free parking and unlimited downloads of park photos, the report notes.

Florida’s Walt Disney World also restructured its pricing, the AP reports. “The $329 seasonal pass is now gone. Instead there are gold and silver passes, costing $549 and $389, respectively for Florida residents,” the AP reports. “The platinum plus pass, which has no blackout dates, is now $729 for state residents, and includes admission to four Walt Disney World theme parks, two water parks and other attractions.”

The Washington Post report adds: “Prices of most other annual passes also went up. The anytime-anywhere pass, good any day at parks in Anaheim, California, and Florida, rose 31 percent to $1,439. Parking went up $1 to $18, but the single-day admission price of $99 remained the same.”



  1. I understand why Disney is raising their prices — they can. Attendance at Disney parks is strong, and the demand seems inelastic. I’m wondering, though, if you price the park out of the reach of the middle-class (which they’ve effectively done, my family included), will that ultimately lower the demand for Disney merchandise and buy-in to the rest of the Disney universe?

    Probably doesn’t matter, since the new Star Wars movie and toys will bring in so many billions nothing else matters. Too bad, though, I really enjoyed hanging out in certain areas of the park. Oh well, I have my memories…

    • I think Disney visits have always been aspirational which is part of the draw. If it was cheap and easy to go it would lose some of the shine. My parents were not wealthy by any means – they considered themselves “upper lower class” – and we went to Disneyland a few times and Disney World once during my childhood. Yes, it was expensive, but they saved for it because it was a special vacation. Plenty of middle class people do the same to visit the parks.

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