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‘Family Feud’ Clips With Sexual Content Go Viral — and Draw Criticism (Here’s a Sample)

Oct 2, 2015  •  Post A Comment

Two recent clips from “Family Feud” have gone viral — and they’ve also drawn some criticism for the show. Both clips were posted online by the show, and both feature racy content.

Racy enough to draw fire from critics who say the show is supposed to be family-friendly.

Celebrity Cafe reports: “Earlier this month, one family was asked, ‘What’s the last thing you stuck your finger in?’ That seemed like an innocent enough question until contestant Kevin answered, ‘My wife.’ Host Steve Harvey thought it was the best answer ever, but Kevin’s wife Ryan looked a little embarrassed.”

About a week and a half went by before the next awkward video clip surfaced. This time the question concerned the first part of a woman a man touched to get her in the mood, with contestant Larry giving an answer that horrified his family. (You can see the clip below.)

The host and a number of other people on the show burst out in laughter, but not all observers think the latest trend is funny. Some commenters responding to a People story about the “my wife” incident were sharply critical of the show.

“This used to be a good family show,” one commenter wrote. “Every question now is phrased so the contestants will say something that is construed as nasty. I hate the show now.”

Wrote another: “Stopped watching a long time ago. The questions are too risque and the answers are sometimes downright vulgar. … John O’Hurley was my favorite host and I don’t remember the questions and/or answers being raunchy during his time there. Clean it up, Family Feud. You are losing viewers.”

FoxNews.com quotes Dan Gainor, VP of Business and Culture at the Media Research Center, saying the recent, more risque, moments on “Family Feud” are part of a broader trend in which sexual content is becoming more commonplace on TV.

Gainor told the website: “I think what has changed is that Hollywood has so undermined and coarsened our culture, that these answers have become the norm. … Sex acts many Americans had never even heard of are now typical dialogue. Shows like ‘Scream Queens’ and ‘Scandal’ are trying to see how far they can go. And TV is always trying to go further.”

Here’s the latest awkward moment posted by the show:


  1. what is wrong with sex? people are f’ing prudes.

  2. I think it depends on the type of sex. Talking about it on television is a whole different subject.

  3. The host sets the tone of the show and can steer it either into the gutter or toward families We know where this one went.

  4. America has become Sodom and Gomorrah. We have lost our moral compass and that always leads to destruction.

    • By your standards, we are far more “moral” than the rest of the developed world. Watch prime time tv in Europe. You can see cussing, penises and people having sex. These countries have less violence, less unwanted pregnancies, and are safer places to live.

  5. It isn’t the answers, it’s the questions that obviously set up the answers (“What was the last thing you put your finger in?” What kind of question is that?!) For years, Hollywood production companies have been creating train wrecks simply to attract gawkers. This show is just another victim.
    I’m not sure if one can put any blame on the host, Steve Harvey, though I’m certain he has some creative input. I know I’ve seen him elsewhere speak of being a Christian and a family man, so I don’t know why this is happening. If the show forces contestants to dress up, they do have control over how things come off.

    At a certain point we’ve considered decency to be restrictive, stifling even.

  6. I think they need to stop calling it “Family Feud” and call it Adult Feud instead. And take it out if the family time slot. Watching this show has been a family tradition which is coming to an end in this household because I’m spending more time having to explain things to the kids I shouldn’t have to explain to them at the dinner table. It’s now edging on the line of disgusting.

  7. I think it is more the contestants do not really use wisdom in considering which answers to use. I have watched the new host look on in shock at some of the oddball risque answers. The finger question could easily have been posed to a female contestant. What wee are really seeing is the lack of educational wisdom of the average adult citizen who appear on these shows.

  8. The Newlywed Game had just as many innuendos and risque questions and that was in the late 60s and early 70s. It was on in the early evening, family hour.

    I think this country has gotten more prudish the older it gets. Before you know it, we’ll all be covered in fabric head to foot and have to live as if it was 1650. It’s just sex, perfectly natural and not “dirty” as so many like to think of it. Nobody is naked, nobody is having sex, nobody is using vulgar language. The pearl-clutching by the religious right in this country is getting old.

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