Trump Renews His Verbal Assaults on Fox’s Megyn Kelly

Oct 16, 2015  •  Post A Comment

In a tirade that threatens the fragile truce between Donald Trump and Fox News, the GOP presidential front-runner renewed his assault on one of his favorite targets, Fox host Megyn Kelly.

CNN reports that Trump went on Twitter Thursday night to fire off a critique of Kelly’s Fox show “The Kelly File.” Trump said he doesn’t watch the show, but indicated he heard about it — and called her guests “dumb puppets.”

“Trump kicked off Thursday night’s tirade by targeting Kelly’s guests, Fox News digital politics editor Chris Stirewalt and former George Bush speechwriter Marc Thiessen, who now serves as a columnist and Fox News contributor,” CNN notes.

Trump got rolling with a tweet that reads: “Megyn Kelly has two really dumb puppets, Chris Stirewalt & Marc Threaten (a Bushy) who do exactly what she says. All polls say I won debates.”

He later followed up: “Every poll, Time, Drudge, Slate and others, said I won both debates – but heard Megyn Kelly had her two puppets say bad stuff. I don’t watch.”

His followers then took up the cause, with Trump retweeting some of their comments bashing Kelly. Here’s one example: “Donald, Megyn Kelly seeks ratings, not truth Not much of a journalist.”

CNN notes that Fox News boss Roger Ailes wanted Trump to apologize following a similar round of tweets from Trump back in August, when the Trump-Kelly feud was on full boil. Other milestones in the recent turmoil between Trump and Fox News have included the cancellation of a scheduled Trump appearance on “The O’Reilly Factor” and threats by Trump to boycott the cable channel.

CNN adds: “The two parties made peace, though a planned meeting between Trump and Fox News executives never took place.”

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  1. This is Trump at his “best”. He picks out a person (preferably female because it gets more attention) that he can attack and the press will freely cover it. Especially better as it is FOX NEWS, and the mainstream media hates Fox because it doesn’t take the same liberal view of politics that the others do. Also, it has higher ratings.

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