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TV Stations Are Already Expecting a Record Windfall From the 2016 Elections. And That’s Not Counting Another Billionaire Who Some Are Urging to Join the Presidential Race

Oct 7, 2015  •  Post A Comment

“Hedge fund billionaire Bill Ackman, who got rich making wagers, is now betting that former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg will run for president of the United States in 2016 — and win,” reports USA Today.

Ackman told Bloomberg TV’s Stephanie Ruhle: “My view is Michael Bloomberg is going to run for president and my view is he is going to win. I would do everything in my power to get this guy elected.” Ackman was appearing at a Bloomberg Markets conference in Manhattan.

“I think the country is ready for a business-oriented, philanthropic, straight-talking business guy to run for office,” Ackman told USA Today. The paper notes that Ackman “dismissed real-estate developer Trump as well as Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton, saying, ‘Hillary has proven not to be a strong candidate.’”

Bloomberg, a three-term mayor of New York City, is said by Forbes to have a net worth of $38.5 billion. According to The New York Times, he spent more than $100 million to get re-elected to his third term.

MichaelBloombergOnRoseMichael Bloomberg on Charlie Rose’s
PBS TV show several years ago


  1. Bloomberg vs Trump would make some great TV. Fox News News and CNN would set another round of records.

  2. Another New York Liberal anti-2nd amendment advocate who wants to strip freedom from the people. He has no chance.

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