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U.S. Man Who Was Hailed as a Hero for Role in Stopping Terrorist Attack on French Train Is Stabbed Multiple Times in Sacramento

Oct 8, 2015  •  Post A Comment

A California man who helped stop a terrorist attack in France in August was the victim of a stabbing early today in downtown Sacramento, Calif., USA Today reports.

Spencer Stone, 23, from the Northern California town of Carmichael, was reportedly in stable condition at a local hospital after receiving multiple stab wounds.

Stone is part of a group of Americans credited with stopping a terrorist attack on a French train. The Americans have been hailed as heroes for their role in the incident, in which a Moroccan man, Ayoub El-Khazzani, 25, was arrested.

“ABC10 in Sacramento reports that Stone was the victim in an assault near 21st and K streets in downtown Sacramento around 12:45 a.m. and that police were looking for a suspect,” USA Today reports. “ABC News has learned Stone may have been protecting a friend at the time of the stabbing.”

Stone was hospitalized in August following the incident in France, in which he and two other Americans tackled and subdued El-Khazzani, who was reportedly armed with a Kalashnikov and an automatic Luger, on a train bound for Paris.

“The three Americans, hailed as heroes, said they acted out of instinct and were ready to fight to the death to stop the attack,” the publication reports. “They were awarded the French Legion of Honor and met last month in the Oval Office with President Obama.”


  1. Apparently we need more knife-free zones.

  2. Fine, you made your point, but notice he didn’t die from those stab wounds.

  3. The assailant would have been a lot less successful with a butterknife.

  4. And there not 16 people killed.

  5. And if the proposed Kindergarten teachers had been armed and on the train, they could have shot the saber…. God help the stupidity of this country.

  6. Not sure what any of this discussion has to do with the young man that was seriously injured. I am sure that your personal political positions matter to him while he is mending in the hospital.

  7. What the hell was he doing out at that time of night, at THAT location?

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