Use of Marijuana Doubles Among Adult Americans — It’s Our Non-TV Story of the Day

Oct 21, 2015  •  Post A Comment

A new study estimates the number of adults in the U.S. who use marijuana at just under 10% — more than 22 million people. The study also says the number has doubled in the past decade, the AP reports.

“The results come from a comparison of health surveys from 2001-02 and 2012-13 sponsored by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism,” the story reports. “Results were published Wednesday in the journal JAMA Psychiatry.”

Most of the marijuana use is recreational, the report notes.

“The researchers say the trend reflects a cultural shift and increasingly permissive views about the drug. Recreational use is now legal in four states,” the report notes, adding: “Almost 1 in 3 users had signs of marijuana dependence or abuse. That’s a slight decline from a decade ago.”

national institute on alcohol abuse and alcoholism


  1. The state highway patrol in Colorado is not happy with the sudden rise in fatalities. It’s like alcohol-related deaths just weren’t high enough, no pun intended.

  2. How many of the accidents were actually for alcohol DUI; but the driver also had marijuana in his system? It is still alcohol that is the cause of DUI accidents. I have heard of none where marijuana was actually the only cause of the accident.

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