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Check Out This Twist in the Bidding for the NFL’s ‘Thursday Night Football’ Package

Nov 24, 2015  •  Post A Comment

There’s an interesting twist in the bidding for the NFL’s “Thursday Night Football” package, according to our friend Claire Atkinson in The New York Post.

Writes Atkinson: “The NFL is talking to networks about buying a stake in its cable channel as part of the bidding for the rights to broadcast ‘Thursday Night Football’ games, The Post has learned.”

The story adds: “The league is shopping an extended 16-game package, along with a stake in the NFL Network, in a potential move that could protect its cable network and score a big payday, sources said.

“The NFL is concerned about the NFL Network’s future in an era in which even Disney’s cable powerhouse ESPN is seeing subscriber declines.”

CBS has been broadcasting the NFL’s Thursday night games this season and last season.

To read more details about this item please click here, which will take you to Atkinson’s story.

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  1. In other words… you can have access to this powerhouse programming, but we want you to take a bite of this poop burger, and then tell people you like it.

  2. Poop burger? Hardly. The poop is coming from ABC, NBC, Fox, and CBS and all the garbage shows they are putting in prime time that most Americans don’t watch, especially millenials. Hollywood continues to be closed to outsiders…generally you must be Jewish (and we have Jewish friends–we are slamming Hollywood here, not our Jewish brothers and sisters) and know someone to be a top exec. And the writers make sure they are promoting in part a gay agenda, which is disconnected with most of America. …The fact is, without NFL right now NBC and FOX would be completely irrelevant to most of America, and CBS would be hurt badly.

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