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How ‘Big Bang Theory’s’ Kaley Cuoco, Now Separated, Got Rid of Her Wedding-Date Tattoo

Nov 25, 2015  •  Post A Comment

Actress Kaley Cuoco of the hit CBS sitcom “The Big Bang Theory” split from her husband, tennis pro Ryan Sweeting, back in September after less than two years of marriage — but the marriage left an imprint on her in the form of a tattoo on her back featuring the couple’s wedding date, Dec. 31, 2013, in Roman numerals.

So Cuoco decided to get a new tattoo to cover up the old one. Today reports that the actress took care of that business this week at a tattoo shop in Studio City, Calif. She documented the event on social media, including sending out an Instagram post with a picture of herself in the tattoo chair — along with the message “Note to self – do not mark your body with any future wedding dates.”

A photo of the new tattoo, a giant moth, later also appeared on Instagram. (See below.)

The actress sent out a message “explaining” the moth tattoo, writing: “The deep, meaningful, larger than life meaning behind this beautiful piece of ink, is….. It covered the last one.”

kaley cuoco-moth tattoo-instagramKaley Cuoco’s new moth tattoo (Instagram)

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  1. I have often pondered some tattoos, wedding dates would be one of them. Marriage is in my opinion a lifetime commitment and if I need a permanent reminder of my commitment, I would have it some place where I see it as opposed to someplace where my spouse sees it. Who is this message actually for? More importantly, the permanent reminder should be the spouse, not a tattoo. My spouse and I have been married for over 35 years and we don’t need tattoos to demonstrate our commitment, the years together do that.

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