Tonight’s GOP Debate: Is This the New Hit Reality Series? (Here’s What to Expect)

Nov 10, 2015  •  Post A Comment

The Republican presidential debates are being called America’s new most popular reality series, and tonight’s installment, taking place on Fox Business Network, promises more of the drama viewers have come to expect — even if FBN says it won’t be a replay of the controversial CNBC debate.

FBN has indicated its moderators will stick to questions about economic issues and will avoid the so-called “gotcha” questions about comic book campaigns and so forth that fueled candidates’ anger over the CNBC event. But Deadline.com reports that the candidates are making no such promises.

The main storyline, according to Deadline, will be the showdown between Donald Trump and Ben Carson. “Carson has been very busy of late defending claims he’s made about his academic career and having attacked various people with knives and hammers as a youth,” Deadline notes. “He’s blamed the ‘secular progressive movement’ [aka journalists] for looking into these claims, but Trump has joined in the fun, weighing in on Carson’s claims on twitter and in interviews. Carson, in turn, has clonked Trump for jumping the gun, as the press has confirmed some Carson claims.”

In some of the secondary storylines viewers can expect, Jeb Bush may “take another whack at Marco Rubio’s fitness to occupy the Oval Office, this time with renewed Jeb Can Fix It yeastiness,” Deadline reports, and “Political navel lint gazers also say they will be looking to see if Ted Cruz can create another ‘this is not a cage match’ poll-pushing moment, only this time without an assist by moderators.”


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