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Big Problem for Big Cable Network?

Jan 14, 2016  •  Post A Comment

The results of a major consumer survey reveal what could be a big problem for ESPN, Business Insider reports.

More than half of cable subscribers surveyed by the marketing firm Civic Science said they would be happy to drop ESPN to save $8 a month. ESPN is estimated to charge providers more than $6 per subscriber to carry the network. “ESPN is ‘overearning’ right now,” said BTIG’s Rich Greenfield.

Creating an over-the-top digital subscription version of ESPN apparently won’t work; only 6 percent of respondents said they’d be willing to pay $20 a month for such an offering. The network laid off 300 employees last fall.



  1. Forced participation with ESPN, something I NEVER watched, is one of the reasons I cut the cable years ago.

  2. The chickens are coming home to roost.

  3. If there was one group of channels I would cut from my Dish service it would be ESPN. No one in my house watches it. I hate having to pay for channels I never watch just so we can get a few channels that we do watch.

  4. To be fair to ESPN. Yes, they have gotten cocky and are charging too much. But for those of us who remember the early days of cable, ESPN was one of the adoption drivers, bringing sports into the home that people had not had access to, except in small versions with Jim McKay on ABC’s Wide World of Sports.

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