Here’s Some Welcome Relief: Cable Network Says It Will REDUCE the Number of Commercials It Runs. ‘We’ve overstuffed the bird.’

Jan 8, 2016  •  Post A Comment

In a move aimed at improving the viewer experience and at the same time easing the possible dilution of advertising messages, the head man at TNT says he’s trying to reduce the ad load on the network.

Writing in The Wall Street Journal, our good friend Joe Flint reports that Kevin Reilly, president of Time Warner Inc.’s TNT and TBS, discussed the strategy Thursday at the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena, Calif. Talking about the current ad load on some Turner channels, Reilly said: “We’ve overstuffed the bird.”

“Time Warner’s TruTV has already started to reduce its ad load in some of its original programming,” the story reports. “With TNT, Mr. Reilly said he would like to start by cutting advertising by 50% in three dramas the network is developing.”

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  1. Mr. Reilly still doesn’t get it. The problem with TruTv is that TruTv, and now HLN, shows the worst fake reality television shows instead of what the channel excelled at — Court Tv — the best free television soap operas for those of us who aren’t completely brain dead yet,, with erstwhile sports announcers in the guise of criminal attorneys, saying everything but “off with their heads”; not stopping the action, even though there were commercials, and showing what was missed during court breaks. Good stuff. While at work at a law firm, I had CourtTv on in the background, switching back and forth to the news, and when trials weren’t on during the weekends, the trial shown during the week was recapped, or made for tv crime movies would be shown. CourtTv was great until they put corporate lawyers, instead of criminal attorneys doing the analysis, or that Ryan guy saying wow all the time, and Asleigh Banfield, a Canadian nonattorney who even twenty years later still keeps flashing back to the OJ trial, and keeps saying that she does not understand the American legal system, as though she is still a Canadian citizen (which she is not) looking in. Now allTruTv only shows whatever the other stations refused to show. Six minutes of commercials separated by six minutes of actual television on TruTv and HLN is not the problem, the problem is the horrendous programming. With respect to the programming on TNT, notice that the are only cutting the number of commercials on the new shows, not the old ones, so it’s probably going to be business as usual on the old ones.

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