How Justin Bieber Got Himself Kicked Out From Historic Ruins

Jan 8, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Pop star Justin Bieber’s antics got him in trouble again, and this time he got himself and his entourage booted from some historic ruins in Mexico. TMZ.com reports that Bieber allegedly “dropped trou” during a visit to the Mayan pyramids in Tulum, near Cancun.

“Several reports say Biebs ran afoul of the temple cops because he pulled down his pants … but officially authorities will only say they did something outrageous,” the story reports.

TMZ notes: “Justin’s got a bit of history at popular tourist spots. Back in 2013 he caught flak at the Anne Frank Museum for writing in the guest book, ‘Hopefully she would have been a belieber.’ He and pals also horsed around in the museum.”


  1. Some people never grow up

  2. This REALLY surprises me. (insert sarcasm font).

  3. Is there some problem with this child where he feels it necessary to either expose himself or drop his trousers?
    Too little education, too much money and no role model to follow!mar

  4. What would make him and his little entourage think that an archaeological site would be a good place to make asses out of themselves like this and can’t wait to hear what lame excuse he and his defenders/enablers come up with this time.

    I feel an “affulenza” defense in his near future. Money, in his case, will buy a few extra lines in his obituary at the rate he is going.

    Add this to the Justin bad boy poster for sure: http://cabletelevisionbundles.s9.com/justin-bieber-jerk-infographic.html

  5. It’s a damn shame to have someone come from nothing, make it big and then let it all go to their head, as in Beiber’s case. The kid has a great voice, great looks, and performs very well, why screw it all up to be a douchecanoe? *sigh*

  6. We paid for albums, and we got David Bowie and the Eagles.

    But now they want it for free. So this is what they get.

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