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Is Amazon Interested in Buying Time Warner?

Jan 11, 2016  •  Post A Comment

According to respected New York Post business columnist Claire Atkinson and her colleague Josh Kosman, ”Two of the New York media giant’s [Time Warner] largest longtime investors are … running out of patience and would support a sale of all or parts of the company, The Post has learned.”

Later in the piece Kosman and Atkinson write: “There is speculation that Amazon, which is ramping up its Prime video streaming service, would be interested in buying the content-rich Time Warner.”

The story also notes: “The Post reported last week that former [Carl] Icahn protégé Keith Meister, the head of Corvex Capital Management, is building an activist position in Time Warner.”

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  1. As far as I’ve ever read, Amazon has never actually made a profit. Revenues? Yes. But not profits. So how in the world could they buy Time-Warner? Big-time financing has never made sense to me. Doesn’t anyone remember when AOL tried this? Didn’t work out so well…

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