Parliament Set to Debate Banning Trump From U.K.

Jan 6, 2016  •  Post A Comment

The British Parliament will debate putting a ban on U.S. businessman and presidential candidate Donald Trump in response to a petition that surfaced soon after Trump called for a ban on Muslims entering the United States. BloombergBusiness reports that the online petition drew more than 570,000 signatures, making it the most popular campaign ever on the parliamentary website.

“On Tuesday, the petition was considered by Parliament’s Petitions Committee, which agreed to hold a debate on the subject Jan. 18. Any petition exceeding 100,000 signatures is eligible for debate,” the story reports. The debate, however, will not lead to a ban, the report notes. Bloomberg explains: “It’s not Parliament’s decision, but the government’s, and lawmakers won’t even vote on the subject; they’ll just ‘consider’ it.”

The report adds: “A second, less popular counter-petition calling for Trump not to be banned on the basis that the U.K. should ‘mind our own business’ will be debated at the same time. That’s garnered fewer than 40,000 signatures.”

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  1. Maybe this is just another indication that many Muslims have already migrated to England! A national culture can only exist when the replacement (birth) rate of the dominant population remains dominant. Nearly every country except the US is already feeling the results of a replacement rate too low to sustain the culture. If it were not for Hispanics, North American culture would be in the same boat as the rest of the world. Once a culture (government, religious and moral foundation) is lost it is gone for ever. Trump reacted to a current clear and present danger – short term – with good history to support the suggestion. Political Correctness will eventually destroy this country and take many lives along the way.

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