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Sam Champion Headed Back to ABC’s ‘Good Morning America’ — But There’s a Catch

Jan 5, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Former “Good Morning America” mainstay Sam Champion will be returning to the ABC show after leaving two years ago to launch his own morning show at the Weather Channel. But Champion — who may have some regrets about his career move after being bumped from Weather Channel’s “AMHQ” a few months ago — won’t be staying at “GMA.”

The New York Daily News reports that Champion will fill in for his “GMA” successor Ginger Zee during the week of Jan. 11 as part of Zee’s maternity leave. After Champion’s week on “GMA,” ABC senior meteorologist Rob Marciano will be filling in for Zee.

Champion’s “AMHQ” struggled to find an audience at Weather Channel, and it has been reported that after he was bumped from the spot in September, he campaigned unsuccessfully to get his old job back at ABC.

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  1. Please GMA get rid of Laura and Ginger-nice ladies but not the best for quality journalism and weather-bimbo’s especially Laura who is not worth my time or educated professionals watching. I will not watch or listen to trashy Hollywood stories, celebrity fan fares, or trashy journalism. Bring back first class knowledge , expertise, and journalism including Sam and Josh then I and my family will return to GMA and leave the Today Show. Most of my friends in the medical field no longer watch your show-very disappointed. Your ratings will continue to fall with air heads on a major show like GMA- down the toilet!

  2. Totally agree! It is a shame the ABC execs think that by Dumbing Down GMA they would be able to keep a more sophisticated audience. I can’t tell you how many of my friends and professional equals no longer “waste” their time with the immature and unimportant cartooning taking place. I am very disappointed that George S. continues to play in this genre. Lara “role” is ridiculously stupid.

  3. We all want Sam Champion back!!! His attitude was always so genuine and up beat!! Really connected with all age groups! BRING HIM BACK!!

  4. Good Bye Sam. You were great. Move on
    The ladies will move on some day as well. Enjoy their uniqueness while you can.

  5. After all this time I am still so very angry and disappointed in ABC and GMA executives for ruining what was the best news show ever, with top hosts Josh Elliot, Sam Champion and Lara Spencer brightening up the mornings. Lara remained but had to dumb down her image to fit in and stay. WHY in the world would anyone let go of such a golden team?! Now GMA has really sank to an all new low by bring aboard Michael Strahan. What were you thinking? You have only shot yourself in the other foot. I miss the Golden Team and wish GMA would bring them back!

  6. I never comment on ANYTHING but this time I have to speak my mind…Lara Spencer & Michael Strahan are NOT assets to Good Morning America and yes Josh Elliot & Sam Champion were the BEST!! My family & friends are still trying to understand why in the world you brought in Michael Strahan…..If you needed “sports analysis” use Jesse Palmer who has a great TV presence..But Strahan in our opinion brought NOTHING to the table. He is difficult to understand (his speech/diction is terrible & we see totally no need for him at that table. George has sooooo much class, it is a blessing that GMA has him & we hope that never changes. Thanks for asking us!!!!!!!!

  7. Can’t under stand why Lara was demoted to reporting “Pop News”. This is totally unnecessary. Also, why do you have 2 sports people on the show? Why not just keep Jesse and get rid of Michael? Ginger isn’t really a good meteorologist, because she doesn’t report it professionally…she isn’t very thorough! Bring back Sam Champion!! He was very professional and and loved what he did, as Ginger is not. She acts like she is on camera just to get attention. Love George, Robin and Amy!!

  8. I don’t watch GMA anymore because it was turning into more entertainment and less news. There are so many important things going on in the world which totally are more important than who Taylor swift is dating or what color is Katy perry hair.

  9. Where is Michael Strahand this is July 2017 and l haven’t seen him on the show for several weeks WHERE IS HE

  10. Where is Michael this is July 2017 and l haven’t seen him on the show fo
    eeks WHERE IS HE


  11. I can only stomach the show long enough to hear the 1st few minutes of news. I agee with others; turned into low level entertainment show. I cannot stand Savannah and her self righteous judgements. Where did the elegant news anchors of the past go? They never injected their opinions or went after a guest; they simply reported the news. Bring back news reporting and eliminate the chatter; no one wants to hear them banter with each other.

  12. GMA must be doing SOMETHING right – just look at the ratings, but I sure can’t see the infatuation with Michael Strahan – he’s never brought anything to the table.

  13. Get rid of sam champion he does not deserve a place there. Trying to get his job back as weather man. Leave in place Ginger and Rob doing a good job.

  14. Why is Sam Champion back on GMA??? He has the most irritating, fake (guffaw) laugh that I have ever heard!!! So very irritating to listen to….really people!!!…….. 🙁

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