AOL Expands Premium Ad Formats to MSN and Mobile Apps — Will It Mean a Better User Experience?

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Declaring that the industry has to rethink the relationship between ads and content, AOL today announced that it is bringing its premium ad formats to Microsoft properties, starting with MSN. The annoucement expands on a deal last year in which AOL agreed to take over display, mobile and video ad sales for Microsoft.

“Renewed discussions about interruptive advertising and its residual effects (e.g. ad blocking) have elevated the need for the industry to rethink the relationship between ads and content,” said Gianluca Milano, Senior Director, Premium Formats Product, AOL, in a statement. “AOL’s focus has been to develop more premium advertising experiences and invest across a number of teams and technologies to deliver more beautiful, engaging and relevant advertising experiences, while lessening the load of ads on pages and streamlining the back-end technologies that enable these experiences.”

Milano adds: “Today, we are taking another step in advancing the growth of premium advertising, and are excited to announce the expansion of AOL’s premium formats on MSN.com, as well as greatly scaling programmatic access of premium formats to tens of thousands of mobile applications.”

Included in the expansion are MSN, Millennial Media and ONE by AOL. The announcement adds:

  • MSN: Halo, Devil, Billboard, Loft, and Devil Full-Page Flex ad formats are now available on MSN’s sites in the US, Canada, Japan and Spain, and will be available in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Brazil in March. AOL’s linear video premium formats will also be available in these markets later in Q1;
  • Millennial Media: The Devil Full-Page Flex (User-expand) ad format will be available on more than 65,000 mobile apps globally by the end of this month;
  • ONE by AOL: Display: Devil Full-Page Flex and Mobile Interstitial ad formats are available today to be purchased programmatically, and will get increased mobile in-app scale in early Q2 through integrations with MoPub and Nexage.

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  1. Will It Mean a Better User Experience?

    No. More ads equals more clutter equals a pain in the butt.

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