Donald Trump Settles Suit Against TV Network

Feb 11, 2016  •  Post A Comment

A lawsuit filed by Donald Trump over the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants has been settled. Variety reports that Trump and Univision settled the suit that was filed after a highly public fight over Trump’s remarks about Mexican immigrants and Univision’s decision to drop the pageants, in which Trump was then a part-owner.

“Details of the settlement were not disclosed,” Variety reports. “Univision had just signed a five-year deal with the Miss Universe Organization for U.S. Spanish-language TV rights to the beauty pageants when Trump, now the frontrunner for the GOP presidential nomination, stirred outrage by asserting that many undocumented Mexican immigrants were ‘rapists.’”

After Univision scrapped the telecasts, Trump sued for $500 million. Among the suit’s claims, Variety notes, is one that the decision was influenced by political interference from one of the network’s owners, Democratic fundraiser Haim Saban.



  1. Not a fan of “The Donald” but maybe there’s more to that “I’ll build a wall …and I’ll get Mexico to pay for it” statement than I originally thought…

  2. Yes, Bill… Trump does not back down, get bullied, or be told what to say or think. He will “Make America Great Again”. Being overly PC in this country has really taken its toll. People should be kind, tolerant and welcoming… but there is a point that when those you are kind, tolerant and welcoming to don’t reciprocate … then they start demanding more … and if you say “no” in any way to their demands you are then labeled “hateful”, “racist” or “insensitive”… all of a sudden you have a country of citizens who are held hostage by the very people they have been kind, tolerant and welcoming to. That is exactly what has happened to our country and it has to stop.

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