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Family Angered by Oscars Snub of Beloved Actor Who Died Last Month

Feb 29, 2016  •  Post A Comment

The daughter of an actor who made an impact both on film and on television is upset about what she says was a snub during the Oscars ceremony. The New York Times reports that the daughter of Abe Vigoda was disappointed that her father was left out of the ceremony’s “In Memoriam” segment.

Vigoda, who was best known for his roles on the TV series “Barney Miller” and in the movie “The Godfather,” died Jan. 26 in Woodland Park, N.J. He was 94.

The Times reports: “Mr. Vigoda’s daughter, Carol Vigoda Fuchs, said she watched the ceremony from her home in New Jersey with friends, expecting to see his image during the segment. ‘I have to say it was very disappointing, and I feel that we were all cheated and i don’t understand why,’ she said in a telephone interview on Monday.”

Fans of the actor took to social media to express similar sentiments.

The report notes that other figures were also omitted, including “Rocky” actor Tony Burton, who died last week, and character actor Geoffrey Lewis, the father of Juliette Lewis.


  1. An even bigger omission was George Gaines! Get with it Oscars!

  2. Let’s boycott the oscars until they get more dead people involved! Hollywood is racist against the dead.

  3. Seems like it is a pretty simple thing to check with TV Week to see who has died – your list seems to be quite complete! But the Oscars were too busy with their snarky remarks and skits amplifying that no black industry people were nominated. The most liberal, political correct, preachy bunch of people on the planet, currently lead by a black woman – now needs an affirmative action plan!!??!! The larger picture is that in the future we will not know if someone wins because of superior performance or because they are black. If it were not for affirmative action mentality would a guy with no background, experience or qualifications be our president? How will we ever know? Can you believe that now we are being told that the Hollywood liberals are racist! Go figure!

    • So, Obama was elected because he is black? That is your “reality check”? Because I’m fairly certain that for every person who might have voted for him because he is black, there are at least ten more who voted against him for the same reason.

      • If you were correct he would never have been elected. Like I said, how will we ever know?

  4. Perhaps the Oscars thought that Vigonda was black?

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