Katy Mixon, Who Played Melissa McCarthy’s Sister on ‘Mike & Molly,’ Lands ABC Pilot

Feb 18, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Katy Mixon is moving on from her role as Melissa McCarthy’s sister on CBS’s “Mike & Molly,” snaring the lead role in a new ABC comedy project. Deadline.com reports that Mixon will star in the single-camera pilot “The Second Fattest Housewife in Westport.”

The project is being produced by Kapital Entertainment and ABC Studios. “Written by Sarah Dunn and directed by Ruben Fleischer, ‘The Second Fattest Housewife in Westport’ is narrated by Katie (Mixon), a (slightly) larger, strong-willed mother raising her flawed family of three in a wealthy town filled with ‘perfect’ wives and their ‘perfect’ offspring,” the story reports.

Dunn is executive producing along with Aaron Kaplan, Rick Wiener, Kenny Schwartz and Fleischer.

katy mixon-Popsugar interviewKaty Mixon in interview with Popsugar


  1. Why has Katy gained so much weight?

    • she was Pregnant…hormones are a bitch

    • I thought it was for the role? SHe still looks quite nice.

    • Surprising to see a woman ask that question

  2. Who cares!!! She funnier then all
    get out! Plus, still very pretty!!!

  3. Nope, she was never pregnant.

  4. I don’t think she was pregnant either…and she is beautiful..as long as it’s not a medical issue…I say live out loud Ms.Katy!

  5. pregnant or not she is beautiful and talented

  6. She had to gain weight for the show. The show is about her family that is not like the cookie cutter families in Westport Connecticut

    • No she didn’t actually by the last 2 seasons of Mike and Molly she gained a significant amount of weight with her being almost equal in weight to Melissa McCarthy who had lost 50 lbs by the last season.

  7. She wasn’t pregnant. She started putting on weight while appearing on Mike and Molly.

  8. She put on a lot of weight during Mike and Molly, in fact I believe Melissa is thinner than Katy now. I just can’t figure out how someone with a smokin’ hot body could let herself get that heavy. If she was pregnant I could understand, but as far as I know, she was not pregnant. She is a beautiful woman big or small, I just think she looks better a little smaller.

  9. Who cares? Love her as an actress..

  10. She is very funny! And beautiful..
    Loved the show.. 🙂

  11. Loved pilot and Katy – will definitely continue to watch!! ?

  12. This first pilot episode was PERFECTION in a chaotic world! It was 30 minutes of blissful genius comedic writing topped off with Katy’s impeccable acting ability. The closing seen of Katy dancing with her semi-ocd daughter narrated with the words “I’m the second fattest woman in Westport & I’m owning it!” I am definitely a fan and if we (the audience) get the pleasure of more episodes I am happy!!!!

  13. Why did she let herself put on that much weight? Sometimes a person has no control of weight gain or weight loss . There a millions of woman who were in great physical shape and gained weight and lots of it …with no intemtion of letting themselves gain ‘that much’. Maybe after starving for Hollyweird she got tired of starving and decided to just eat . .maybe she has medication that causes weight gain . .Maybe she turned to food for solace. The summary is she’s human.

  14. Check out the last sentence of this that I found on a different website:

    Katy Mixon – Weight Gain ~ Recently she bagged the lead role in ABC’s “Second Fattest Housewife in Westport” in 2016, where is going to play the character of a slightly larger, strong willed woman who is independent and takes care of her flawed family of three members in a wealthy town. For this role, it is expected that she is going to put some weight in order to fit into the character.

  15. eoll that whale back in the ocean! Such gross weight gain is not healthy, put down the pie fatass

    • Derek your an asshole. …she’s beautiful anyway she is thin or whatever grow up

    • DICK.

  16. roll that whale back in the ocean! Such gross weight gain is not healthy, put down the pie fatass

    • Please don’t ever breed.

  17. Well fuck u then

  18. Katy is actually pregnant now, like 4-5 months along. The baby is due in the spring so expect her weight to change a lot. The show was originally the Second Fattest Housewife but changed to just American Housewife. I bet that leaved the door open for her to get the weight off later on in the show if it goes into its second season.

  19. Well, Rebecca J. Ryan, you really sound like a Harvard-educated woman; what a wonderful couple of convincing comebacks.

  20. Just saw her on The Talk where she said she’s expecting her 1st child. I honestly thought she was pregnant on Mike and Molly also.

  21. I echo what Marg and Sara said; she had gained weigjt in the last two seasons and was about the same size as Melissa at the end. She’s pregnant now, the baby is due this month.

  22. Wow if she’s that fat before she got pregnant…………..

  23. Maybe she was depressed. Or maybe her hormones went haywire. Women gain & lose sometimes despite what they eat. She is beautiful & funny. Since according to all the posts above she’s just had a baby that weight will come off. Her weight gain may have been due to trying to conceive during Mike & Molly. But ahe has enough $ for lipo, plastic surgery, chefs, trainers ect. With $ u can get as healthy & slim as u want.

  24. Sorry she is good looking but she is much better looking before she gained all that weight.
    And yes, she is a great actress.
    Love her expressions.

    I bet Charlie couldn’t carry her across the threshold now.

  25. She actually gained a lot of that weight towards the end of Mike and Molly , like I was shocked because Melissa McCarthy who lost loads of weight looked smaller than her! I thought it was a shame cos even if you do gain a little weight she definitely gained at least 4 stone. Then during American house wife she had 2 kids , getting pregnant 6 months after having the first but she definitely had that weight in the last season of M& M so no she didn’t gain the weight for a role and she’s not wearing a fat suit. She’s still beautiful though

  26. I actually thought she was pregnant on Mike & Molly.

  27. I just pray it’s not a health issue. Live and let live. You can lose the weight but some of you will live with you dirty mouth and rude attitude for ever. Just keep making that money. I wish they do a show with all the guys together. I DONT GET IT, THAT SHOW WAS GETTING FUNNIY AND FUNNIER. NOT LIKE THE BIG BANG THEORY THAT WERE THE HIGHEST PAID SHOW ACTOR. I’m not lying at the end it wasn’t funny anymore we just kept being faithful fans. BRING BACK THE GUYS FROM M&M.

  28. C’mon She was always smoking dope. That Shit gives you the munchies !!

  29. I love you Katie

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