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Here’s the Super Bowl Broadcast of the Future — Check Out the Video

Feb 5, 2016  •  Post A Comment

The Super Bowl telecast of the future will bring the big game and its fans closer together, with the action jumping off the TV screen to play out in 3D on coffee tables while viewers wearing special headgear play an ever greater role in controlling what they see. At least, that’s how Microsoft envisions the broadcast, with technology playing a big part in the action.

Players wearing helmet cams will provide an “up-close-and-personal” view of the action from the field, PCWorld reports, adding: “On the field, coaches and players will see the same video the fans see — and adjust their game plans accordingly.”

Microsoft executives joined with NFL players and execs this week to preview the technology that will make it all possible. “Imagine virtual avatars of players bursting from your wall, as well as a holographic view of the game playing out on your table or floor,” PCWorld reports. “It sounds wild, but that’s the NFL HoloLens experience that Microsoft imagines.”

Check out the video posted by Microsoft:

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  1. I am already dizzy, just watching this. Can’t imagine what the actual product will do. But you have to give them credit for imagination. And this would be great for the Bachelor!

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