Another Duggar Series Is Soon to Premiere on Discovery’s TLC. It Used to Be Said of Discovery Communications Programming That ‘Nothing Is Better.’ How, Too Often, That’s Become ‘Nothing Is Worse’

Mar 2, 2016  •  Post A Comment

In just under two weeks, on Tuesday, March 15, Discovery Communications’ TLC will be back with another series featuring members of the Duggar family. This one is called “Jill & Jessa: Counting On.”

For TVWeek Open Mic writer Chuck Ross, the upcoming premiere is a reminder of how Discovery’s once lofty standards have fallen. Please click here to read his in-depth examination of how a programmer that once aimed high came to embrace the lowest common denominator.



  1. Whyt???? Enough PR for these folks.

  2. I remember when TLC stood for The Learning Channel. Now, apparently, they only thing they want to teach you now is how to live as someone at the lowest common denominator. Now, I guess TLC stands for The Lummox Channel.

  3. I like the Duggars, notwithstanding Josh. (You should try having 19 kids without one of them turning out wrong.) Jill and Jessa are two very nice young ladies and I’ll be watching them so real family values entertainment. Obviously I do not live in NY or LA, where cynicism rules.

    • I suppose you could argue that the parents aren’t at fault for Josh turning out to the way he did. But you sure can fault them for covering it up for years and for forcing the two daughters to remain silent, all so that the parents could save face and continue making that TV show (and tons of money). That makes them just as bad.

  4. Man who cares about these people?? The sex scandal wasn;t enough???????? Sheesh……….

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