Chumlee on ‘Pawn Stars’ Arrested in Sexual Assault Raid

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Officers serving a search warrant in a sexual assault investigation Wednesday afternoon arrested one of the stars of the History show “Pawn Stars,” the AP reports. Austin Lee Russell, 33, known as “Chumlee” on the reality show, was reportedly arrested on felony weapon and drug charges.

The officers allegedly found methamphetamine, marijuana and at least one gun at Russell’s home in southwest Las Vegas.

“Russell wasn’t booked on a sex-crime allegation,” the AP reports. “Officer Larry Hadfield, a department spokesman, said that part of the investigation stemmed from a recent complaint by a woman, and it is continuing.”

TMZ reports that Russell is the suspect in the sexual assault case.

The AP report cites Clark County Detention Center records saying Russell faces 19 drug-possession charges and one weapon charge. He was being held late Wednesday with bail set at $62,000.

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  1. NO!!! Not Chumlee! I love him in Pawn Stars, I think he’s adorable! His antics make the show! I really hope he’s not on a dark path and that he will overcome these charges.
    Resist the dark side Chumlee!!! May the force be with you.

  2. I am, unfortunately, not surprised.

  3. This may put an end to his 15 minutes of fame, sorry Chumlee I hope you saved a few of those dollars…oh wait, drugs, women and weapons. Probably not. I hope you have a fallback plan.

  4. Be Sober,be vigilant because your adversary the devil as a roaring lion walketh around seeking whom he may devour.1 Peter 5th

    • That’s right he does walk around waiting for a weak one to fall even before he finds his Savior! Or like some of my family have left their first love! So sad I don’t get it! Jesus is our Lord and Savior loves us beyond anyone else!!!🛐❤️🙏🏻✝️

  5. Chum Lee deserves to be in jail for a long time.

  6. Sometimes I really wonder if it is an act? I mean how can somsbody 33 years old act like a “slow” adult. His fan base are probably as immature as he.He acts like a 14 year. Disrespectful to others, does not appear to be sober, walks around like he is on something, impaired or as I have suggested or just plain stupid. I guit watching the show because of “DumLee I don’t understand in view of display of poor judgement and character that the sponsors aould want their product deprezenred by a druggy, bozo trying to be “ghetto” with guns, teeth grills, drugs and generally a “Bozo”. I certainly am boycotting yhe show and sponsors until they sever relations their relations with Pawn Stars.

  7. He’s a dipstick, like the rest of them. Rick and the old man are the only ones that look like they bathe regularly, you could fry chicken in Big Hoss’s hair, and they used to give about half of appraised value now a fourth.

  8. This would be a MUCH better show without that 5’5″ 400 lb lumb of modern America, this is what has happened to this country in past couple of decades. Him being on show means people are watching and enjoying someone dumber than they ………… sorry America, your over hill unless make a BIG turn around ..

  9. Who cares , leave Chumlee alone. And anything the police say is usually half hype and exaggeration anyway.

  10. Just seen the episode where the greedy Holly cones in with the issue of MAD expecting to get the price that the expert valued it at. Is she that dumb to think that any place would give her that? I think Rick was very generous and fair with his offer. Hasn’t she been on before?

    • Yes i’ve seen here before in the series…

  11. How the hell can that barn pot get arrested for 19 methamphetamine n a gun charges and not get jail time UNBELIEVABLE !!!!just as they say eh “MONEY TALKS SO CRIMINALS WALK”,,If that’d been a random “Joe Bloggs caught with that shit then I’m sorry but”Joe Bloggs would be doing hard time now,it’s a joke !!!!
    If there’s any chance the sexual allegation is true then he should be sacked and thrown in jail “The Nonce”..
    I can believe it though cos he’s not exactly a babe magnet is he..
    The systems wrong and makes me sick…Does anyone know what the sexual allegation was ????I’m curious to know..

  12. That show is a joke just like chumlee, dumbass deserves what he gets!

  13. He should no only be locked up, but also put in general population. What really sickens me is how so many people are on his side. I mean, really? You’re gonna defend a pedophile and take a meth-head’s word over everyone else? I don’t even want to know what some of you upstanding citizens do behind closed doors.

    What also sickens me is how he just gets a slap on the wrist because he is rich and famous. I am so sick of this corrupt plutocracy that saves its cruelty for the poorest and most vulnerable. I hate how this country lets monsters get away with anything if they have enough status/$/etc. Justice is a cynnical joke in America.

    Another disgusting pig who gets away with getting off to the abuse of children. Only in the post-Trump aftermath. Bet if he was black and wasn’t on TV he’d get the book thrown at him. Makes me sad and angry.

  14. Where did ANYTHING even remotely say something about a crime against a child? Please do explain!

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