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Disney Introduces New Pricing Plan for Its Theme Parks

Mar 1, 2016  •  Post A Comment

A new ticket pricing plan unveiled by The Walt Disney Co. means tickets to Disneyland in California and Walt Disney World in Florida will cost up to 20% more during peak periods such as holidays and some weekends than they do during slow periods, The New York Times reports.

The pricing moves, which took effect Sunday, are an attempt by the theme parks to spread out demand. “The seasonal changes … affect the two theme park resorts differently and apply only to single-day tickets and not the multiday packages that the majority of vacationing families buy, particularly at Disney World,” The Times reports.

At Disneyland single-day tickets change from a flat rate of $99 to a schedule that has “Value” tickets — for Monday-Thursday in weeks when most schools are in session — dipping to $95. “Regular” tickets, for most weekends and many summertime weeks, rise to $105, while “Peak” tickets — good through most of December, spring break weeks and July weekends — climb to $119.

Pricing at Disney World is a bit higher, at $105 (the current price), $110 and $124.



  1. Didn’t Disney raise the prices there just a few months ago?

  2. Still way too expensive for the kind of casual visits many of us Southern California residents used to enjoy with our affordable annual passes. I understand Disney’s motives to squeeze every last drop of profit out of their asset — hey, this is America — but I wish it weren’t so.

  3. That theater wasn’t in Compton? No way. Next you’ll tell me there is no Judy Dunn in his daughter’s girl scout troop and the Minions weren’t actually on stage. My trust is shaken.

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