How Erin Andrews’ $55 Million Court Victory in Peephole Case Will Get Whittled Down — and How Much She Can Really Expect to Receive

Mar 9, 2016  •  Post A Comment

“Erin Andrews won a spectacular victory in her peephole lawsuit, but her $55 million verdict is almost certainly going to get slashed many times over,” TMZ.com reports. “Of the $55 million, she will never see a penny from pervert Michael Barrett, who is on the hook for $28 million. Marriott is responsible for the remaining $27 million.”

Marriott is likely to appeal, the report notes, and the appeal process poses risks for both sides. Legal experts are saying a settlement is likely, and they’re estimating a settlement with Marriott to be in the $20 million ballpark. But Andrews, who hosts “Dancing with the Stars” and is well-known as a sideline reporter from her years on ESPN, would be likely to see a considerably smaller cut.

“In lawsuits where a case actually goes to trial, lawyers typically get around 40% of the recoverable judgment,” TMZ notes. “So, if Erin settles with Marriott for $20 million, the lawyers would get $8 million, leaving her with $12 million. And Erin’s responsible for costs in preparing the case, which we’re told could approach $1 million, leaving her with $11 million.”

Andrews’ award is also taxable, which brings it down to more like $6 million, TMZ notes.

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