How Networks Are Changing Their Model for Developing and Releasing Content

Mar 11, 2016  •  Post A Comment

TV networks are changing their programming model, and the reason boils down to one word: Netflix. Reuters reports that the success of the streaming service’s model, which has created the culture of binge watching, is prompting broadcast and cable networks to redefine how they develop and release not only new shows but also commercials.

The changes are part of the broader effort to reverse disturbing trends such as cord cutting and shrinking audiences.

“Viacom Inc’s TV Land network is developing more serialized programming where the plot unfolds with each episode, and recently changed the storyline of a new show to encourage binging,” Reuters reports. “Time Warner Inc’s Turner Broadcasting System in January launched its new comedy ‘Angie Tribeca’ by airing the entire 10-episode season in a 25-hour ‘binge-a-thon’ on TBS. A third of viewers were new to the network.”

To keep viewers engaged during commercials, CBS Corp. is examining whether the ads themselves should be serialized, the report notes. “The changes reflect a realization that fewer people, particularly younger viewers, watch shows when they air and instead binge-watch series like Netflix’s ‘House of Cards’ or ‘Orange is the New Black,'” the report adds.

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  1. Binging is an important development for the industry. But it is also necessary to provide quality. The shows that are getting the most binge watching are also some of the best programs in this current “golden age” of television.

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