‘I Am Cait’ Returns With Jenner Defending Her Choice to Continue to Be a Republican

Mar 7, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Season two of “I am Cait” started last night (Sunday, March 6, 2016) on E!, and some of the show involved Caitlyn Jenner talking about being a Republican.

Says People magazine, “The best part of the hour involves the mentors trying to reason Jenner out of her belief in old-school Republicanism. She is obstinate. Republicans, she tells them, are libertarians who are most concerned about a strong economy. They just want everyone, including transgender people, gainfully employed. And she doesn’t like Hillary Clinton. (“She could care less about women. She cares about herself.”) No no no, say the mentors, reacting with the horrified unity of a Greek chorus.”

The People story adds, “It’s a good thing they weren’t around for her Advocate interview. There Jenner said she admires Republican nominee Ted Cruz and even jokingly floated the idea that she could advise a President Cruz on trans issues. (In fact, responding to that interview, [Jenny] Boylan wrote on her blog that she considered leaving the show over Jenner’s conservatism.)”

I am Cait


  1. She is not a she…he still has a penis folks…

    • Thanks for the news flash. Good thing we have you to guide us all.

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