Obama Points the Finger for the Rise of Donald Trump

Mar 29, 2016  •  Post A Comment

President Obama made it clear Monday night whom he blames for the rise of Donald Trump as a force in U.S. politics. Politico reports that Obama, delivering the keynote address at Syracuse University during a dinner celebrating the Toner Prize for Excellence in Political Reporting, seized the opportunity to point the finger at the media.

Obama talked about the current polarized political landscape and said: “It’s worth asking ourselves what each of us — as politicians, as journalists, but most of all as citizens — may have done” to create that polarization. He added: “Some may be more to blame than others for the current climate, but all of us are responsible for reversing it.”

Politico adds: “The job of a political reporter, he said, is ‘more than just handing someone a microphone.’ Obama continued, ‘It’s to probe and to question and to dig deeper.’”

The report also notes: “Obama has spoken derisively of political coverage that emphasizes the horse race, and in his view, that drives cynicism. He also repeated complaints on Monday about media creating ‘false equivalences,’ saying that if a politician called the world flat, the media would dutifully post the ‘he said-she said’ and bury scientific consensus about the globe’s shape in ‘paragraph five or six.’”


  1. This is what you get when the sales department runs the newsroom; instead of impartially reporting real news, it’s turned into a version of TMZ. Glitz, shiny-ness, and outrage rather than REAL news.

  2. Unbelievable!!! The most divisive president – the “I’ve got a pen and a phone” president wants to blame the media that is unquestionably a valuable arm of the Democrat party as the reason the country is looking for an alternative to try to save us from the always destructive result of socialism??? This man is completely delusional. Bill Clinton mentioned last week that the past 7 years of Obama have been a disaster. I finally have something I can agree with Bill Clinton on!

  3. Ha! The man who single handedly has done more to divide the country since his original campaign is saying “It’s not me, it’s THEM” again.

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