The Reality (TV) of Presidential Politics: What Candidate Donald Trump Learned From His Years on ‘The Apprentice’ — and How He’s Using It to Run for President

Mar 23, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Donald Trump’s run for the White House is built on the same ingredients that make for successful reality TV, writes Emily Flitter in an analysis for Reuters. Chief among those ingredients are drama and controversy.

Flitter, who talked with former cast and crew members from Trump’s NBC reality show “The Apprentice,” says Trump appears to be applying lessons learned from his reality TV experience to guide his campaign. In particular, he has learned how to grab the attention of the public and hold onto it.

Trump himself rejects the suggestion that his political success stems from his success in reality TV. But Bill Pruitt, a producer on “The Apprentice,” sees parallels between Trump the TV host and candidate Trump. “Pruitt said he had seen Trump evolve on the show, honing his ability to get candidates to turn on one another, one of the hallmarks of the show,” Flitter writes, quoting Pruitt saying: “He learned, as time went on, how to do that, how to speak and create reactions.”

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  1. He may have learned from his TV show, but long before that TV show was even a glimmer of an idea and right through to today, Trump has read from and sleeps near books written by Adolph Hitler outlining how he came to power in Germany. His ex wives have said so, and so has he. I was born in 1950, and I never got to meet any relatives from my mother’s side of the family other than my grandmother and one of her brothers, because everyone else died in concentration camps in Germany. I know what I’m seeing when I watch Trump and Cruz, and it’s reprehensible. Go ask any WWII veteran.

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