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When Truth is Stranger than Fiction: Shonda Rhimes Talks about Real Politics (the presidential primaries) and Not So Real Politics (‘Scandal’)

Mar 18, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Shonda Rhimes, the creator of “Scandal,” is shocked how real life U.S. presidential campaigns are affecting the show, ABC News reports.

According to the story, on “Good Morning America” earlier this week Rhimes said, ““What’s interesting is that [the presidential campaigns were not] at all [affecting the show], but then it started catching up with our writing. It got a little scary because we had all kinds of crazy things planned and I keep walking in the room going ‘Well, we can’t do that, because it’s real, and people will think we’re stealing from actual life.’ Life has surpassed anything that we could come up with.”

Added Rhimes, “There’s some stuff that we’ve come up with that’s already been shot that’s going to happen that is now happening that stuns me.”

The story also notes that “Actresses from Rhimes’ trio of TV shows (‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ ‘How to Get Away with Murder’ and ‘Scandal’) recently released an ad in support of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. The spot was directed by Tony Goldwyn, who plays the president on ‘Scandal.’

“Says Rhimes: ‘It turned out to be great because I feel like no matter who you are, what walk of life, what you believe, you should be politically active. I mean it’s not about being a Democrat or Republican. You should be out there doing something for your country. So if you believe in something you should be canvassing, you should be registering people to vote, you should be doing something. And this was our way of doing something.’



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