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Why Blue-Chip Companies Are Nervous About Participating in the Republican National Convention

Mar 31, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Some top U.S. corporations appear to be uneasy about the upcoming GOP convention. Companies including Walmart and Coca-Cola, both of which contributed to the 2012 Republican convention, are either thinking twice about participating or cutting back on the size of their donation this year, The New York Times reports.

The report notes that Donald Trump’s likely nomination has alienated women and minorities, prompting activist groups to put pressure on potential sponsors while raising the prospect of large-scale protests.

“Coca-Cola has declined to match the $660,000 it gave for the 2012 Republican convention, donating only $75,000 for this year and indicating that it does not plan to provide more,” the paper reports. Walmart, which kicked in $150,000 four years ago, reportedly remains uncommited.

Apple and Google are both also said to be assessing their plans for the convention, although the two companies declined to comment for the story.

“In addition to Mr. Trump’s divisive politics, there is the possibility that protests, or even violence, will become a focus of attention at the convention,” The Times notes. “Mr. Trump has suggested that there will be ‘riots’ if he is not chosen as the party’s nominee, and the city of Cleveland recently sought bids for about 2,000 sets of riot gear for its police force.”


  1. Even if nothing happens, the ratings will be BIG!


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