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Why the Creator of ‘Dilbert’ Thinks Donald Trump Will Be Our Next President (Forget Politics, It’s Not About That). It’s Our Non-TV Story of the Day

Mar 21, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Scott Adams, who created the popular ‘Dilbert’ comic strip, thinks Donald Trump will be our next president, and it’s got a lot more to do with psychology, he says, than politics, reports The Washington Post.

Adams has blogged, the Post says, that “Psychology is the only necessary skill for running for president,” and that “Trump knows psychology.”

According to The Post, here are Adams’ six reasons why Trump has been successful so far in his run for president:

  1. Trump knows people are basically irrational.
  2. Knowing that people are irrational, Trump aims to appeal on an emotional level.
  3. By running on emotion, facts don’t matter.
  4. If facts don’t matter, you can’t really be “wrong.”
  5. With fewer facts in play, it’s easier to bend reality.
  6. To bend reality, Trump is a master of identity politics — and identity is the strongest persuader.

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