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Donald Trump on Track to Receive More Primary Votes Than Any Candidate in Modern GOP History — Here’s Who Currently Holds the Record

Apr 28, 2016  •  Post A Comment

After a big night in which he won all five Republican primaries Tuesday, Donald Trump is expected to end up with more primary votes than any presidential candidate in modern GOP history, the New York Post reports.

Trump has piled up about 10.1 million votes so far — about 200,000 more than Mitt Romney received in the entire 2012 primary campaign — and should easily surpass the modern record of 10.8 million, set by George W. Bush in 2000, the story reports.

The article cites number crunching by Eric Ostermeier of the Smart Politics blog using figures from Congressional Quarterly. The report notes that calculations by other observers place Bush’s count as high as 12 million — but Trump is expected to surpass that total anyway, with a number of big states yet to hold primaries.


  1. Man, what does that say for this country?

  2. Scott, it says that our country will finally be lead by a competent leader. Obama, Bush, Clinton have all left devastating affects on this country.

    Time to finally have “America First” when it comes to foreign policy, trade, the economy, etc. If you can’t stand the fact that it takes an outsider to straighten out the mess that career politicians have gotten this country into, then just follow the lead of certain moron performers and move to Canada.

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