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Former ‘Apprentice’ Contestants Band Together to Bash Trump

Apr 14, 2016  •  Post A Comment

A number of former reality show contestants who were on the receiving end of Donald Trump’s trademark “You’re fired” are joining the effort to stop Trump’s presidential bid. The AP reports that the former “Apprentice” personalities say Trump is unfit to be president.

“Half a dozen past hopefuls of the hit show, including Season 4 winner Randal Pinkett and Season 1 runner-up Kwame Jackson, are planning a press conference Friday in New York to denounce the GOP front-runner’s bid ahead of the state’s April 19 primary,” the story reports. The group released statements ahead of the press conference, accusing Trump of running a “campaign of sexism, xenophobia, racism, violence and hate.”

Marshawn Evans Daniels, who was fired in week 8 in her “Apprentice” appearance in 2005, said in a statement: “Trump is passionately and strategically reigniting a dirty and divisive culture soaked in a history of prejudice, fear and hate. It is unpatriotic, anti-American, self-serving, regressive and downright lazy.”

Added Pinkett, who also appeared on the NBC reality show in 2005: “As alums of ‘The Apprentice,’ we have had the opportunity to work with Donald in various capacities, including as employees of the Trump Organization. Based on that experience and Donald’s campaign, we do not believe he is worthy of becoming president of the United States.”

Trump was quick to respond to the attacks, calling the group “six failing wannabes” and accusing the group of “total dishonesty and disloyalty.” He also warned: “They should be careful or I’ll play hours of footage of them individually praising me.”

Other “Apprentice” alums, notably Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, have actively supported Trump.

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  1. Why don’t they endorse Bernie or Hillary. That would be just as effective. This way they just look like sore losers.

  2. Really, a bunch of no bodies complaining about someone that gave them a chance and they could not make it. Why do they even think we care.

  3. If you check, Kwame Jackson made MILLION after being on that Show.

    Trump does not bluff. If he says he does……..he has tapes of them thanking him and praising him.

    I had to look this guy up. He ranted and raved like Trump was the Anti Christ.

    Much seems to be about Islam. Are they all converts to Islam? Is Farrakhan involved?

  4. I’ve been watching Marshawn Evans as a coach for years (she was a former contestant on The Apprentice) and when she got engaged to Jack Daniels…….all I could find on Internet except advertisements of her as “”Life Coach”‘

    Apparently after her stint on The Apprentice…….She was gifted with a profitable career as a “”life coach:” and now she trashes the man who gave her a start/

    I ask again. Is this all about the Ban on Muslims? Have they converted?

    Jackson was RABID over the idea that Anyone could stop any Muslim who wanted to come here at all.
    And Yes. If you fly a little…….you do want them vetted. A lot. it does not make you a bigot to not want to be blown up by a bomb hidden in a pressure cooker. Etc.

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