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Is One NBA Player Being Targeted Disproportionately by Hard Fouls — and Not Getting Calls? Judge for Yourself — Here’s the Video

Apr 15, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Fans of one NBA player say he has been the victim of a series of unusually hard fouls, and the refs are not calling flagrant fouls committed against him. The player is Charlotte Hornets guard Jeremy Lin, an aggressive, offensive-minded player who is one of only a handful of Asian players to make it in the NBA.

Lin has also been with the Knicks, Lakers and Rockets over the past few seasons, and was the focus of a phenomenon that became known as “Linsanity” when he moved into the Knicks’ starting lineup in 2012 and sparked a winning streak for the team.

Fans of Lin recently posted a YouTube video (you can watch it below) along with a letter to the NBA commissioner expressing concern over the treatment of Lin by players and referees. The video has received more than 1 million views on YouTube since it was posted earlier this month, and has stimulated discussion on TV sports talk programs.

The letter says, in part: “Lin’s health and safety are at risk, as Lin gets hit unnecessarily and excessively in the face, head, and neck areas by other players frequently. The most alarming aspect of these incidents is that the referees didn’t make the right calls to protect the player, Lin, from harm. Evidently, the lack of calls and reviews from the referees encourages other players to continue using hard foul tactics on Lin.”

Here’s the video …

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