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Teacher Says She Was Fired for Using a Particular Word in Class

Apr 29, 2016  •  Post A Comment

A Michigan middle school teacher says she was fired because of a word she used during a lecture about art history. The Detroit Free Press reports that the word is “vagina.”

“Allison Wint, who had been teaching art at Harper Creek Middle School since January, says she was speaking about a broader topic of controversy in art when she held up reproductions of paintings by Georgia O’Keefe, some of which have been seen as erotic,” the paper reports.

“She was hoping to have a thoughtful dialogue with a class of about two dozen eighth-graders [last week] — but school officials have said her lesson ran afoul of policies,” the report notes. “Through the course of the lecture, she went on to use the word vagina ‘maybe 10 times,’ she said. ‘But it was never in a vulgar capacity.’”

Harper Creek Superintendent Rob Ridgeway told the paper that Wint was actually fired for straying from the curriculum and failing to give the principal a heads-up that she intended to discuss controversy in art. “She was also fired for other policy violations that he declined to detail, he said,” the report notes.

Here’s a clip posted by MLive in which Wint talks about her firing …


  1. Really? Do math teachers give principals a heads up about when they plan to discuss geometry or calculus?

    Not discussing controversies in art is basically not discussing art history. Controversies in art have been with us forever. Probably since Og the cave artist drew marks on a cave wall and told everyone it was the private parts of Booboo, the mate of the clan chief… who probable beat Og to death as soon as he heard about it.

  2. I wholeheartedly agree with John. Academic freedom is not just important on our college campuses.
    Any move to stifle true learning is nothing more than a move towards loss of democracy.

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