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Apple Opens Its Retail Store of the Future

May 20, 2016  •  Post A Comment

A new Apple Store opening this week provides a look at changes that are in store for the company’s flagship outlets as Apple works to bring its stores into the future.

The Verge reports that the new store in downtown San Francisco, which opens Saturday, “includes 42-foot sliding glass doors that double as two-story windows, a 6K video screen on the second floor, and living trees lining its new customer support section. It also sports a backyard ‘forum’ that will be open 24 hours a day, featuring a 50-foot green wall, free Wi-Fi, and 47-year-old restored fountain from San Francisco sculptor Ruth Asawa.”

“Apple’s retail VP Angela Ahrendts says the new outlet sets the standard for the future of Apple retail,” the story reports. “The company wants its stores to be integrated into the community, as a kind of town square for anyone and everyone.”

Said Ahrendts: “The over-arching vision of the future of Apple retail … is what do we want Apple’s role in the community to be. The store becomes one with the community.”

The Verge adds: “The Genius Bar, where [customers] can make an appointment to get hands-on customer service, is now the Genius Grove, accented by literal trees and open spaces. The company is also introducing what it calls ‘windows.’ Located in ‘the avenue,’ these are displays designed to change with the seasons and cycle through interactive themes, like iPhone photography, Apple Music, and iOS apps. Apple is hiring what it’s calling creative pros to stand at these stations and offer advice and tips depending on the theme.”

To see photographs of what some of these changes will look like, please click here, which will take you to the Verge story.

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