First Look at the New ‘Star Trek’ TV Series

May 19, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Viewers got their first look this week at the new “Star Trek” TV series, which was previewed during the CBS upfront presentation in New York. The show, which is due in 2017, will premiere on CBS before moving to the network’s CBS All Access digital streaming service.

The network posted a short “first look” teaser, which you can see below. The teaser, which is the first-ever promotional clip for the series, features the show’s distinctive new logo …


  1. I’ve read elsewhere that in other countries, this series WILL air on broadcast television stations, but in the US, only the pilot will be televised, and the rest will be available for $7 a month online for pads and smart phones. I’ll bet it’ll look just great on a 4″ screen. I’m extremely disappointed in CBS; squeezing Americans’ wallets to watch this show. How greedy.

  2. I guess CBS wants to limit the show’s viewership. There are many people who won’t pay $7 a month for the TV service. I already pay for cable service (including a monthly broadcast TV fee for local stations) to watch TV. If the show fails, CBS can thank its poor marketing decision for the show.

  3. stupid move cbs, star trek was meant to be watched on a big sreen tv with surround sound! somebody at cbs needs to take a drug test!!

  4. Of course, the “trailer” had no content. As pointed out during the upfront, “you didn’t expect us to show you anything. It is too early anyway, no cast.”

    As Melissa Rauch (Bernadette) said at the CBS upfront: “Instead of streaming it, put it on regular TV so there’s a chance my grandma might actually see it.” So true.

    You can bet that this series will become the #2 most bootlegged TV show ever, right behind Game of Thrones. You can be sure that I will not be forking over any money to stream it.

  5. You should all have your grandchildren come over and show you how to connect your computer or smartphone to your TV. There is no issue with screen size if you know how to connect devices.

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