MSNBC Veteran Exits the Network

May 24, 2016  •  Post A Comment

A veteran of 19 years at MSNBC is leaving the cable news channel after playing a big role behind the cameras. Variety reports that executive and producer Izzy Povich is headed out.

Povich has been VP of talent and development since 2013.

“Povich, a former senior producer on both Lawrence O’Donnell’s prime-time program as well as Keith Olbermann’s now-defunct ‘Countdown,’ had been assigned to help change MSNBC’s daytime lineup and help it focus more on breaking news,” Variety reports. “In March, Janelle Rodriguez, an NBC News senior vice president who once held a senior role at CNN, was given an assignment that focused on coordinating resources between NBC News and MSNBC, which are sharing more resources during daytime hours.”

In a memo sent to staffers today, MSNBC President Phil Griffin said: “Izzy has MSNBC running through her veins. She’s dealt with historic news stories, historic egos, colorful personalities — and done it all with her trademark humor. She’s been at the heart of so much that has happened here, and has touched virtually everyone who has come through our doors, both as a leader and a mentor. She’s a brilliant and creative producer, a skillful manager, a fearless fighter and a great friend.”



  1. Well, maybe MSNBC figured out that two show with disasterous ratings produced by the same person might be a clue as to ” ability”
    Surprised it took almost 20 years to figure it out

  2. Olbermann’s show didn’t have disastrous ratings. He was just too much effort for timid management to handle, never mind the fact he was the network’s #1 drawing card.

  3. Hey Willie you clueless fool. Izzy is the most professional hardest working producer in news right now. Stay in your lane, you have no idea what you’re talking about

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