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War of Words Breaks Out Over Megyn Kelly’s Donald Trump Interview

May 19, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Verbal sparring erupted in the wake of Megyn Kelly’s prime-time interview Tuesday night with Donald Trump on the Fox broadcast network, sparked by Trevor Noah ripping Kelly on Comedy Central’s “Daily Show” Wednesday night.

The Daily Beast reports that Noah called out Kelly for failing to confront Trump. The report quotes Noah saying: “You know last night’s interview doesn’t seem to be about journalism or the Republican Party or even the election. It seemed like it was about two brands: Donald Trump and Megyn Kelly, and whether they could forge a mutually beneficial partnership.”

The Daily Beast adds: “According to Noah, the most egregious moment came when Trump dismissed his sexist attacks on Kelly with a shrug and ‘Excuse me.’”

Noah addressed Kelly on the show, saying: “I don’t get it, you spent months lambasting him for sexist comments and now are you just laughing it off? I can’t believe this, but Megyn Kelly just got negged by Donald Trump. He repeatedly insulted her and then all of a sudden switched it up with a little charm and she is all smiles.”

E! News notes that Kelly fired back today, taking to Twitter to defend herself. Kelly sent out a message saying: “So grateful I have men like @Trevornoah 2 advise on how to deal w/gender attacks. I’m sure his life experience far better than mine on this!”

E! News adds: “She also addressed the criticism surrounding her interview on her own show Wednesday, claiming it’s ‘possible that some of these folks don’t like Trump, or Republicans, and wanted to see me take him out.'”

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  1. Ms. Kelly, it’s not your job to “take him out” but it IS your job to call him out.

  2. This was a meeting about power-brokering…

  3. She acted like she was instructed to “…be nice because he may be our next president”.

  4. womanipulation… or manipulation.?

  5. It’s just common sense. As a commentator Megan needs access to Trump because he very well might be our next President. So, if she had to tune it down and play “nice, nice” it was the right move for her. And, screw all those who cannot deal with the reality that there really could be a President Trump!

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