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Why CBS Passed on ‘Drew’ — and Why the Network Is Now Taking Heat Over Its Decision

May 16, 2016  •  Post A Comment

CBS opted not to move forward with the drama pilot “Drew,” and since word got out about the possible reason for the decision, the network has been taking heat.

In reporting the network’s decision to pull the plug on the “Nancy Drew” reboot, Nellie Andreeva wrote on Deadline.com: “I hear the pilot tested well but skewed too female for CBS’ schedule. In the end of the day, I hear the network had no 8 PM or 9 PM slot available.”

The “too female” explanation earned a flood of criticism online, with The Huffington Post running a number of critical Twitter posts in an article headlined “Feminist Twitter Shuts Down CBS For Passing On ‘Too Female’ Pilot.”

One Twitter user sent the message: “Today we learned that t.v. cannot be too racist, too homophobic, too misogynist, too white, too middle-class, or too male — just #toofemale.”

Another tweet reads: “#toofemale is code for ‘this wasn’t written under the male gaze, it doesn’t cater to my male taste. I’m uncomfortable.'”

Actress Sarah Shahi, who was cast as Nancy Drew, also joined in the conversation, tweeting: “Wow! The outpour of love from women AND MEN is incredible. But all good! Something amazing is around the corner. #toofemale.”

The CBS TV Studios production is reportedly being shopped to other outlets.



  1. Really? There are only three choices here: too male, equal, and too female. Who wants to argue that Nancy Drew is too male or equally male/female? That’s right nobody. Case closed.

  2. Why is being too female an issue? CBS is a male dominated content network and this show surely would work better over at ABC. Like maybe a replacement for Castle, in that genre. But from a sales standpoint networks are so concerned about not losing any more audience that one wrong green-lit show could confuse advertisers. Sarah Shahi is hot and guys will like her but let ABC carry this show.

  3. There are more than 3 choices. Poorly written, poorly acted, lack of cohesion, wrong tone… only 3 choices? Get real.

  4. I always thought Charlie’s Angels was too female; but that’s why I watched it

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