Why John McCain Is Backing Donald Trump Despite Trump’s Criticism of the Arizona Senator

May 9, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Sen. John McCain is defending Donald Trump and lashing out at GOP leaders for failing to support him, even after Trump attacked McCain on the campaign trail and made disparaging remarks about POWs.

“In a wide-ranging ‘State of the Union’ interview in his campaign office in Phoenix, McCain criticized party leaders who are reluctant to back Trump, saying they are ‘out of step’ with voters who have chosen the controversial businessman as the GOP standard-bearer,” CNN reports. “He defended Trump for being a strong and ‘capable’ leader, particularly on foreign policy. He called on Trump to choose a running mate who could ‘unite the party,’ possibly Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst, even as he strongly defended his 2008 choice of Sarah Palin.”

McCain also encouraged Trump to retract his criticism of POWs.

CNN quotes McCain saying: “Frankly, I have never seen the personalization of a campaign like this one, where people’s integrity and character are questioned. It bothers me a lot. Because you can almost violently disagree with an issue, but to attack their character and their integrity — then those wounds take a long time to heal.”

McCain indicated that the GOP voters have had their say, commenting: “You have to draw the conclusion that there is some distance, if not a disconnect, between party leaders and members of Congress and the many voters who have selected Donald Trump to be the nominee of the party.”


  1. Baloney. It’s because McCain is old enough to have gone to school when you could actually get an education, and he remembers history. He knows what happened when a comparable leader wasn’t supported: He sent his Brownshirts to intimidate, bully their families, beat, incarcerate and kill them. He doesn’t want that to happen to him and his family when it starts.

  2. When my liberal friends blasted conservatives for being out of touch, racist, rich elites, I would always step in and say that the majority of Republicans are not like that. However, if conservatives are supporting Trump, and openly agreeing with his hateful, racist and misogynistic preaching, then I will finally have to concede that Republicans have gone off the deep end and need to be contained before the swastika’s come out and our country abandons democracy and becomes a dictatorship.

  3. Why should we be surprised that Senator McCain and other sycophantic politicians in Washington and elsewhere are jumping on the Trump bandwagon now. And as for McCain, he’s pandering to all the Trump supporters who just might vote him out of office in favor of an ultra-right Republican fundamentalist. Keeping mind, we’re talking about Arizona.

  4. Is this liberal day on TV Week? Seems a short history lesson is necessary. When you want to control a nation you first control the media, then healthcare, then you take the guns. Hitler did it – Obama score is two down one to go! I taught Holocaust Studies for 5 years and the liberal nonsense people throw around concerning a Socialist agenda is laughable. Trump is a capitalist, always supported the 2nd amendment and is a stronger supporter now that 10 years ago. He wants to have a normal healthcare market without government control and has repeatedly pointed out the the media is an arm of the Democrat party. Wake up liberals! Like sheep you are being led to slaughter.

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