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Wow! Local Sportscaster Goes WAY Off Script, Attacks His Colleague — Watch the Video

May 24, 2016  •  Post A Comment

As on-air meltdowns go, an incident that took place during a live news broadcast at the San Francisco station KRON-TV is right up there with the most awkward.

Veteran sportscaster Gary Radnich apparently felt newscaster Catherine Heenan stole his thunder when she announced that LeBron James would be starring in the new “Space Jam” movie, and Radnich suddenly launched into a verbal assault in the midst of the sports report.

Here’s the clip …


  1. “I stay in my lane.” BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  2. Someone seems to have some “mother” issues… Whoa, was that uncomfortable to watch.

  3. What an absolute ass! This jerk should be booted off the air. If he had an issue he should have taken it up with the producer, not his so called “on air friend”.

  4. What a douchebag…he needs to take it up with the producer…sheesh..

  5. A major embarassment for KRON and Media General. This is gone viral in the past few days. I guess he will be the former sportscaster.

  6. Local tv career of waaaaaay too many years ( perhaps combined with post 6:00 pm Newscast Titos)
    Going to this no- talent jerks head
    Go sell shoes, you know nothing sexist pig

  7. Where is the producer to shut the rampage down, with a camurshal ? 60 seconds to remove BOTH to stop the bleeding.

    • “camurshal”? More evidence that you don’t need to be literate to post messages on the internet.

  8. He is not worth my time. She was a professional and a lady throughout the whole ordeal that he put her through. They should have cut to commercial.

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