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Huh? Millennials Are Binge Watching WHAT on Snapchat??

Jun 14, 2016  •  Post A Comment

The Internet has a new hit on its hands as social media sites including Snapchat, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram have seen a surge in interest in video of surgeries, especially among millennials.

“Surgical voyeurism has reached new heights in the decade since ‘Nip/Tuck,’ the scripted FX show about plastic surgery, became a hit,” The New York Post reports. “Increasingly, doctors are filming procedures and posting them to YouTube and Snapchat.”

The report quotes Dr. Matthew Schulman, a plastic surgeon, saying: “I get a million views on Snapchat per day. I was looking for a platform to show surgeries in a way that was realistic and not sensationalized or glamorized as is commonly done for television, essentially letting the viewers into my world with a ‘behind-the-scenes’ look at my office and staff.”

Schulman says 90% of his patients give the OK to streaming their surgeries online.

“Schulman, who records about seven or eight surgeries a week, started streaming his 10-second video clips about a year ago,” The Post reports. “He films an introduction to the procedure, and then a nurse or assistant shoots with a cellphone during the operation. In May, he hosted his first live-stream on BuzzFeed — removing excess skin from a man who had lost nearly 300 pounds — which got broadcast to the site’s 10 million Facebook followers.”

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