Must Read: Apple Patents Controversial iPhone Technology. Will Apple Actually Implement It? It Could Anger Millions of iPhone Users

Jun 29, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Apple has patented an iPhone technology that could end up angering and alienating millions of the company’s fans.

Apple has “patented a technology that blocks the iPhone’s camera feature,” reports the U.K. publication The Telegraph.

The story continues, noting that Apple’s “invention would allow venues to use an infrared beam to disable photography on mobile phones, preventing people from taking videos and photos.

“The invention comes amid growing frustration that intimate live events are being spoiled by a sea of screens as visitors record videos in order to share them on social media.”

The article adds, “It is unclear whether Apple intends to apply the technology to the iPhone, as companies often patent inventions without using them, but clamping down on recording would be welcomed by many artists and venues.”



  1. This would be awesome.

    Going to concerts is annoying now, as the front several rows is a sea of screens held up over patrons’ heads so you can’t see anything but screens from behind.

    Now if they could only come up with a way to completely disable phones completely within the confines of a movie theater – no phone calls, no texting, no Facebook, the screen would just refuse to turn on.

    • Seeing as how this is an Apple patent and only just now patented, it won’t appear for a few years yet and even then only on iPhones, so don’t expect any improvement in concert going for quite some time. Other phone makers don’t care how you used their phones. Besides there are other larger, rather negative social implications for this beyond the music industry getting their panties in a bunch about “unauthorized” video recording.

      Something that could be done almost immediately at concert venues would be to have two concerts, one where recording is allowed and one where it is not… but admission is more where it is allowed. I know a lot of concert producers and artists don’t like concerts being recorded, but it did wonders for the Grateful Dead, who had the most loyal fans of any group.

  2. At the opera and movie theaters, the light pollution is a problem. I have even seen people at the opera reading the libretto or program with the flashlight feature. Some people texting don’t seem to understand that the light they are creating in a dark auditorium is very irritating.

  3. Perhaps Apple went for the patent to prevent the technology from being implemented! Apple does what is in the best interest of the company and stockholders.

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