On-Air Shakeup at One of Daytime Cable’s Most Popular Lifestyle Series

Jun 22, 2016  •  Post A Comment

A popular lifestyle show has had a shakeup in its on-air lineup, with Deadline.com reporting that Cristina Ferrare, the longtime co-host of “Home & Family,” is leaving the Hallmark Channel morning show.

“She’s being replaced by Debbie Matenopoulos, former co-host of ‘The View’ and ‘Home and Family‘s’ resident lifestyle expert, who will join co-host Mark Steines,” the story reports.

The network announced the move Tuesday, with Michelle Vicary, Hallmark Channel EVP of Programming & Publicity, saying in a statement: “Cristina Ferrare has been instrumental in making ‘Home & Family’ one of daytime’s most popular lifestyle series. Her natural flair and expertise, along with her warmth and grace, set a standard for all of us at ‘Home & Family,’ and we are forever indebted to her.”

Ferrare later confirmed in a Facebook post that her departure is permanent.

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  1. What a mistake letting Christina go. She is the only reason for watching the show. I have watched the show for many many years because she is on it. Sorry to say good bye.

    • Same here…..Long time viewer. Haven’t watched it since. Very dissappointed.

    • Cristina was not the reason ratings have fallen. I never missed the show. Then the “Big Shots” decided to make it nothing but a giant commercial for Hallmark Network shows and personalities. When you bring back the old format I will start watching again. May be today actually. Read the info and full of hints tips recipes and how-to’s! Keep it up please! I have missed you!

  2. Watched the show because of Christina, not Mark. Will probably watch something else.

  3. At this point I don’t think that I will continue watching the show.

  4. Christina can nat be replaced!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. great big mistake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Shame on the Hallmark Channel for dumping Christina! They’ll be sorry!

  7. I will stop watching the show now that Cristina is gone! What a shame to dump the person who makes the show so watchable. Debbie doesn’t have the sincere personality that Cristina has!

  8. While I love everyone on home and family…..Cristina IS home and family…..so disappointed!!!!!!

  9. Huge mistake ! She was the primary reason for tuning in .

  10. I’m done with show! You took the Home and Heart out of Home and Family!!!

  11. The home just left home and family with the firing of Cristina! All the class she brought to the show is gone. This was a shameful move by Hallmark. They preach family values but don’t practice them. The chemistry between Cristina and Mark was heartwarming to watch. I already changed my TiVo settings to delete the show. If you are thinking you will attract a younger audience, remember, those of us who are over 40 have lots of influence and money that you just lost. Shame on Hallmark! I just lost faith in you!

  12. Just thought of something! Why keep Woody? Doesn’t Hallmark consider him old too? Is Kym next? She’s not 30 something? Might as well get rid of Sophia too then. Why is Mark still there? At 60 isn’t he considered old? This is discrimination at its best! This is a dark day in Hallmark history! Nothing to be proud of here!

  13. This smacks of age discrimination! Shame on you Hallmark – you just lost a huge part of your fan base – what on earth were you thinking? There is such a lack of chemistry between Mark and Debbie – so forced and unnatural. You’ve lost yet another fan.

  14. I never realized that I watched the show for Christina until she wasn’t on. Now that I know it’s permanent, there is no reason to watch. I don’t mind Debbie but she doesn’t have the same appeal that Christina does. I believe it is a HUGE mistake to let her go:(

    • I haven’t watched much Home and Family since Christine Ferrari was let go. However I turned it on yesterday to find that Mark Steins was no longer on the program. Those two were great together! I won’t be watching anymore 😭

  15. Can’t believe Cristina will not be on the show anymore.. You’ve lost a longtime fan of this show. I had been waiting for her to come back and was just fast forwarding thru a lot of the show. Sorry, but it’s not the same at all with Debbie. Throughout the years I have enjoyed watching Cristina and always looked forward to her cooking segments. She always had some helpful hints. Best wishes and happiness to Cristina and her family.

  16. I will miss Cristina. She did make the show enjoyable. I hope Hallmark people talked to Mark and asked him to tone down is so called ‘jokes’. Sometimes his ‘jokes’ seem more like bullying than a ‘joke’. If this is truly a ‘family’ show then Mark should know children are watching and bullying is not acceptable. I like Debbie but I don’t think she is a good long term option for hosting. She talks over guests and come across like she knows everything and is better than everyone. I might try watching a bit longer to see if Debbie and Mark tone down their attitudes. If not, I won’t even bother to try and find another day time show.

  17. What a loss. Cristina is at the heart of Home and Family. She will be missed. Not sure that I will follow program as much.
    I like others wonder who else will be replaced. How about Woody? My best to Cristina and what ever great things fill her future.

  18. Cristina will be missed. She will prove to be a hard act to follow. I watched everyday and in part because of Cristina. Debbie is good but she is not Cristina. I think you made a mistake!

  19. SHAME ON HALLMARK. It was one Channel I wasn’t familiar with till I discovered Christina. She was that show! They’ve lost me. Shame, shame, shame.

  20. So sad, will miss Cristina. We will no longer watch home and family! What are you thinking. Most people watch because she is c!ose to our age and love her!

  21. Also very disappointed hearing Cristina is gone. I probably will be another lost viewer

  22. Cristina, was the heart, soul, and face of the whole point and meaning of Home and Family. Without her, the show is empty and meaningless. She also provided the balance and sensitivity to Mark’s insensitive, immature, and self-centered behavior.
    Mark should’ve been replaced instead. Cristina participated in show activities – games, etc. He barely does. When he does, it’s a whiny, dictatorial participation. It’s not a pleasant viewing experience, due to his constant rude put downs, (especially to Kym, who handles it beautifully), and his constant interruptions during DIY segments. Most times, DIY presenters, can’t finish their sentences, and impart their full info, due to his most annoying interruptions, and failing attempts to be funny. Perhaps he’d be better suited to a different kind of show, with a different format.
    Cristina will be sorely missed! Hallmark’s rude dismissal of her, lost them a loyal viewer.

    • I could not have said it better and could not agree more Pat! I have deleted the series from my DVR, even though I will miss Dr. JJ also. Cristina and Dr. JJ were the only people keeping me watching.

  23. HUGE MISTAKE for Home and Family……I have learned not to say I will never, but on this one I came close to saying I will never watch the show again.
    Cristina was THE show. The audience could identify with her.
    With the network letting her go, reminds me of the Paula Deen fiasco and with her being let go. the ratings for food network tanked and have not come back up.
    For Home and Family and their ratings, I think we will see the same, after all, the Karma Bus does come back to pick up those that earn the ride.

  24. What a shame, Cristina brought such love and grace to the show that at times can be tacky. Her replacement is too loud, and needs so much attention, she has to win all the time and I could listen to her for one segment but the whole show. No thanks, Will fast forward to craft ideas and Hollywood Steals.
    Who’s big idea was this? LOSER

  25. Christina was the show. Mark Steiner should have been replaced. I don’t know what the rationale was for this decision, but it was not well thought out. Debbie is OK, but I feel she cannot carry the sh I w. The only thing that Hallmark Can Do to Redeem THEMSELVES IS To Give Christina her own SHOW. …

  26. Oh so very sad to learn of Cristina’s departure from Home & Family on today’s show. What a huge mistake to let her go – Mark should have been replaced. He would be great as a game show host – but that’s it. As far Debbie is concerned – too loud, too into self, talks too fast, fashions herself as a know-it-all. One segment is all I can take from Debbie – does not seem sincere at all. Now we have two co-hosts who are shallow – especially Mark with his “wonderful, wonderful” remarks – reminds me of Lawrence Welk – anyone remember who he was? I am taking the Hallmark Channel off my DVR list – guess after 14 years with Cristina (I used to watch when she was paired with Michael Burger, etc.) it’s time for a change. I will miss Kym Douglas! By the way what happened to Tanya Memee? She just dropped out of sight – no explanation. Interesting??? Love you, Cristina!!!

  27. Mark should be the one to go. Christina was the class act and stability on the show. Mark is all mouth, interruptions,self praise, arrogance and rudely elevates himself. Now this show is just another loud, pushy, rude, short clipped episode, quick talking miss mash thrown together and disguised as entertainment. Debbie was OK for her short segments, but thrown together with Mark is not a show I can tolerate for an hour. You have lost me as a viewer, and it shows that Hallmark has never known its audience. I agree with another viewer, why is Woody still around? Class and respect is out the door.

  28. Christina will be greatly missed. I have been watching the show since chuck woolery was the co-host with Christina. Had the pleasure of being part of the guest audience back then and have been watching ever since. Was just at Universal Studios on June 22nd where the studio tram tour takes you by the Home & Family set where they were actually filming that day. Was hoping to catch a glimpse of Christina not knowing of the decision made to replace her with Debbie. Christina was the best and watching her welcome guests to the show, you could imagine her welcoming you to her own home. Debbie is ok but is very loud and not as warm and genuine as Christina. Our loss. ?

  29. I pay extra to Dish to have the Hallmark channel so I can watch Home & Family. For the over the past yr I have been going thru chemotherapy for lung cancer & this show helps me take my mind off my illness for 2 hrs. I thoroughly enjoy the show. Unfortunately, Debbie is not one I prefer to watch. When she is on, I just don’t watch her segments. She doesn’t come across to me as sincere. Honestly, she’s just plain annoying & too much into herself. I liked Cristina’s values & she will be missed. I also have missed Tanya.
    No longer need to watch this show.

  30. Sorry to see Cristina go. She was only reason I watched to show.

  31. I had finally found a show that made me feel actually good when I watched it… There is so much negative trash on tv, Cristina was a breath of fresh air in a dark world… I have to find a new happy place… Hallmark you made a bad decision but for her class & integrity she was just to good for you anyway!

  32. Cristina is wonderful ~ She will have another show before too long with her beauty, kindness, talent and genuine warmth ~
    what a loss to Hallmark. I like Mark and Debbie, but LOVE Cristina.
    I watched this morning and just lost interest in Home & Family ~ back to news and QVC for me !

  33. I have watched Cristina for many years. I started watching Home and Family because of her. She is beautiful, sweet, kind, gentle, and has a lot of class. I was totally shocked by the announcement. Mark is like a buffoon many times and I get irritated with him. He is not funny. I also miss Tanya Memme. She just became a citizen and is now gone from Hallmark also. Terrible mistake Woody.

  34. I am sad to hear that Christina is gone. I think she was a great part of the show. I missed her the little time she was gone and thought one day I wonder if something is wrong. Sure enough she was cut. I think that as I was watching the last week with Debbie hosting with Mark it just didn’t sit good with me. As someone else said having Debbie here and there is one thing but every day is to much. I am sad by this news as others are. I am glad I have record button so I can fast forward to the areas I like better. The crafts are great and love informative areas.

  35. I too, have been watching since Cristina was hosting with Chuck W. This act of cutting Cristina is disgusting and horrible. You need to have all different ages and personalities for a show to work like H & F. I haven’t seen Dr. JJ either, has she been cut too? H & F looks and sounds two dimensional without Cristina. Have “Old” people become obsolete or has Hallmark? Have “Old” people become obsolete or has Hallmark? I think I should get my cards, etc. from a younger card company now. This is what you are promoting, correct? Why don’t you cut H & F an hour and have Cristina have an hour with the others that have been cut due to age, etc.!!! Woody where are you or are you next? I have lost all respect for Hallmark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have “Old” people become obsolete or has Hallmark? This was my favorite show!

  36. what a shallow mistake this is .Christina was such a class act,totally genuine in all she did,now the show is nothing but a big loud mouth in Debbie,She thinks she knows everything and tries to show off every chance she gets.there is no way she can ever replace Christina.now everything just seems forced.home and family is not a a home or a family anymore, its just a bunch of shallow hollywood people that have no warmth.love the contributors but I’ll bet no one is safe what happened to Tanya. i guess she wasn’t even worth any explanation.Shame on hallmark I hope you’ll live to regret this stupid shallow decision,you haven’t the slightest clue what your audience wants.BRING CHRISTINA BACK.SHE IS HOME AND FAMILY.

  37. Come on ! Hallmark isn’t even a channel!
    It’s wallpaper on your tv

  38. If this was such a popular move “Michelle Vicary polled and people loved Debbie more” the why not be proud of the decision and let all the news outlets know. Hallmark must be spending lots of money to keep this quiet thinking that the betrayal to it’s audience (and Cristina) will just go away. It’s all about the money and ratings? Same thing happened to Cedar Cove. We loved it, it’s gone. I guess if you’re over 40 then you don’t matter. Wow! This isn’t the Hallmark that’s being sold to us! Now we know! Let the world know, allow everyone to know just like the Kelly Ripa situation.

  39. Hallmark has no idea what a huge mistake made by replacing Christina on HandF, but even worse replacing her with Debbie who has no talent whatsoever. I just cancelled the recording of the show and will not watch again.

  40. I cannot believe this stupid move! Hallmark can save money…Mark and Debbie have enough ego to fill the home. Neither are that nice to fellow members. I am through! Used to watch everyday or record it for later. Used to be a close knit group. No more. Bet this is the end of the show. Firing Christina is like Diane Sawyer leaving Good Morning America.

  41. am so bummed. will not be watching it anymore

  42. I agree with all the other viewers that this is a big mistake. Christina was the best. I used to watch her on her cooking show and then Home and Family. I will no longer watch.

  43. GREAT BIG MISTAKE! Hope Christina gets a new show. Not all viewers are under 35. You lost a long time viewer. Rethink the shows name. There is no family left in Home and Family. You lost this viewer.

    • I agree not all viewers are under 40!

  44. We loved the show because of Christina. Will no longer watch and no longer be a hallmark shopper. My husband turned it off when Debbie had segments. Bad choice and bad mistake.

  45. Oh my gosh, you have got to be kidding me…Cristina was the best host I have seen in a long time. I do not know what your reason is for letting her go, but your wrong. I like Debbie, and she is a good fill in but she is not Cristina….
    Please let Cristina know how much all of her fans are behind her….
    Love you…..

  46. It was Christina’s show! The show was about her and family things. Could never stand that jerk Mark Steine at all. They should have fired Mark a long time ago, and replaced him with a woman. I will NOT watch the show anymore.

  47. Bring Cristina back. She made the show. Mark is insulting and disrespectful while Debbie is just plain obnoxious. They have no love for the show. Cristina did and now she’s gone. Shame on you Hallmark.! Shame on you!

  48. Agree . Not the right move on Hallmark’s part. They should NEVER have replaced Cristina. She was the heart of the show. Her warmth and charisma could never be replaced. Debbie is nice enough as a stand in but I agree she could never fill Cristina’s shoes. I will also not watch the show everyday as I have in the past. If you’re home and family you sure didn’t act like it by letting Cristina go. Families care about one another and that is something Hallmark has proven they’re not. As others said shame on you. Cristina did make the show what it was, she is truly missed.

  49. I will no longer watch the show…Cristina was the best part of it.

  50. I agree with all of the comments posted. I have watched the show since it started and Christina made the show.
    Debbie acts like a know it all and does not have the compassion of Christina.
    I also, wonder how Mark is still on the show he is very rude and condescending. He has never once joined in any of the games. Does he think he is too good for that?
    I will miss Christina and will not watch any more.

  51. I agree with all the rest. What happened to the slogan “WE ARE A FAMILY”? Not even a farewell party. A very big void. Not watching much now.

  52. love christina, wont be watching anymore

  53. will miss Christina she made the show what it is today I will not be watching anymore

  54. Wow I have been wondering where is Christina. I have not watched because Debbie is nice but she is not a Christina. Lets all contact other networks to help get her a new show. She was awesome, anytime I was feeling down I could always be lifted by her spirits. This is really a sad and bad move on the part of Hallmark. Even with Marks bad remarks she could always turn them around to save the day!! Loved all of her recipes, so so so disappointed.

  55. Christina brought a real warm and genuine presence to the show. I miss her. Don’t think I’ll be watching any longer. Bad mistake Hallmark.

  56. shame on u woody!! and anyone else involved!! U are now missing an important component and lost a lot of fans and followers i expect. Christina was the ‘home’ and ‘heart’ and ‘mom’ of the show. She was the only one with class and maturity that u cannot get with hyper active Debbie. Mark is as insincere as it gets and u can tell he is putting up with all these ‘women’ and feminine ‘men’ that he has to tolerate for the job. His sense of humor is always off and awkward. Go back to sports. You’ve made huge mistake and i hope the ratings and followers reflect that. ratings, ratings, ratings, always. why not cut back on all the insipid movies u make and same some money? You’ve ruined the core of the show. congrats.

  57. Christina is such a classy lady and very pretty. I love her cooking and she is so artistic, I love her decorations on the set. I hope she will have a cooking show. Good luck Christina!❤️????

  58. home today so thought I would catch up with Home & Family. Noticed Christina was not on. Can’t stand Debbie so turned the channel. I thought maybe Christina was on vacation or something and then went to checking on things and found out Christina was pushed out and disregarded like trash on a curb. This has really changed my opinion of Hallmark whom I thought was different and stood out and wholesome programing you just pulled the heart out of the show by getting rid of Christina. She was the show. She brought an integrity, grace, intelligence and warmth to the show. It felt like home. Now this could be any mass produced show. You really can’t call it home and family because it no longer has that vibe. Your choice of replacement is a joke. Nothing warm about her and she is more interested in herself. The view got rid of her. I really didn’t care much for Mark but Christina made him likeable. Really bad move and in poor taste Hallmark. I hope Christina shows up somewhere else. I would watch her show. Good luck Christina we love you.

  59. I do also feel the same lost interested in it not that I don’t like Debbie it was good the way things were she had her place in Home & family and Cristina and Mark had there place what made the show I hope your show can go on?

  60. Christina was the warmth and grace of Home and Family. I have anxiously awaiting her return. When I realized that she wasn’t coming back, I felt as if someone had pulled a plug somewhere. I have lost all interest in watching the show. I can’t begin to express how disappointed I am. Hallmark has lost another viewer.

  61. So incredibly sad that Hallmark let Cristina go, huge mistake, she was Home & Family. Others are ok, but not as heartwarming. Cristina best wishes to you and your family. Another viewer who will not be tuning in.

  62. I have been out of town since the 15th of June and returned June 28th. Turned on the show Wed morning and figured Christine was on vacation. This morning when I turned it on and she still wasn’t back (and not a word about her absence) I started digging and found out she is gone. Guess what, so am I!!! I am no longer watching. Just like another viewer said, I didn’t realize I watched because of her, but I guess that is true since I no longer have the desire to watch without her on the show! Bye, bye!

  63. OH NO You didn’t ….. Christina why ? Thought she was on vacation. Hope your Hollywood visiters stay strong, Because your going to need them.
    Of all the people to let go she was not the one. My cold Michigan mornings snowed in will never be the same, GOODBYE HALLMARK…………….

  64. I was so disappointed to find out that Cristina has been cut from the show. Two years ago when I underwent lung cancer surgery, this show helped me get through 4 hours a day of something else to focus on besides the pain. She was the heart and soul of the show. Tanya seems to have also disappeared. There is not much appeal now to watch the show. Best of luck to Cristina, she was the greatest.

  65. I said I would no longer watch the show but decided to give Debbie a try. She is so silly and I’m sick of hearing about her baby. She thinks shes the only one to ever have had a baby. And the guests that you are having on are so boring. Mark doesn’t know how to interview and get the best information out of the guests. This is final. NO MORE HOME AND FAMILY FOR ME.

  66. Good bye Home and Family, I feel the same about Cristina she made the show. I hope some other network will be smart to give her, her own show!. You will be missed Cristina, and remember we love you, your fans!.

  67. I echo the sentiments of all the others. Will NEVER watch Home and Family again! Debbie is the WORST choice possible—– legend in her own mind. at least I won’t have to listen to her go on about her child. She isn’t the first woman to have a child! UGH. How sad to have done this to an enjoyable show.

  68. I only watched the show because of Cristina. Have been a fan of hers for years. Guess it’s time to switch to Kathie Lee and Hoda. I’m very, very disappointed in Hallmark and Woody. Cristina was that show. Give it a little time. It will not last.

  69. I watched Home and Family when it debuted in the 90’s, & fell in love with the show & the cast–Cristina, then, as now was the heart and soul of the show. Her co-host changed, but she was never replaced. Youth does NOT always trump the many personal character traits that our Christine possesses. Her quick wit, easy charm, expertise in the kitchen & in home decorating, combined with her innate ability to connect with the audience was her winning hand…..and, oh yeah, the great chemistry she has with Mark Steines! Debbie is nice & was wonderful in her supporting role; BUT, she can’t fill Cristina’s enviable shoes. Perhaps there would not be a season 5 without our lovely & talented Cristina—I don’t tune in any more & we the t.v. “family” feel like there has been a death in our family, & one that had NO good-byes or adequate explanation. Come on Hallmark & t.v. execs–why fix what ain’t broken!!! Bring back the heartbeat of the show–PLEASE? Show just is not the same–Paige Davis was not a good fit & Cristina saved your show & breathed new life into a nearly LIFELESS show. What stinks about your decision?!

  70. I’m with the rest of you who feel that replacing Christina stinks. A painful fact I’ve learned over a lifetime of employment in a variety of businesses is that these WTF decisions are usually about $$$ and/or corporate egos. Yes, it stinks, but we loyal viewers don’t seem to matter. We love you, Christina!

  71. How can I find out how this shows ratings are falling , because of Christinas firing?! I (and many others ) no longer watch it. How terrible, her replacement is ruining the show!!!

  72. Bring back Cristina. Debbie is not host material. Boo-Hoo! When Cristina comes back to Home and Family, then so will I.

  73. Home and Family not the same.
    The way the whole thing was handled is a shame.
    This is the world we live in today, no loyalty, money and ratings are god.
    Debbie has a different style the magic between Mark and her is missing and the complexion of the show is changed ….just not a favorite and not watching any more.

  74. Bring Cristina back! Bring Cristina back! All together now Bring Cristina back!!!

  75. Why was Christina fired? She was the show. Another blunder by network executives in a year that has canceled some of the best shows on T.V. Maybe it’s time to fire the genius network execs. I guess the viewing audience doesn’t really matter. The show is now dull,dull,dull. Thanks a lot.

  76. Bring back Cristina!

  77. I am no longer watching the Hallmark Channel or buying anything related to their products. This is a slap in the face to all of the loyal viewers. Hope the show goes down the drain!

  78. The delight and joy I always felt when watching H and F is now gone. Like so many others have expressed, Cristina truly was the glue to the show. Her warmth and grace was apparent as each segment transitioned to the next. Now when you watch it, it is awkward and tense. Mark needed Cristina as she kept his ADHD subdued or brought a calmness to him and his inappropriate remarks. His trying to be cute and funny stands out more now as Debbie is just as tense & excitable as him.

    Both Co-hosts are trying as they are in an uncomfortable position as they feel the loss, too, just as all the cast membees are feeling. They try to put up a positive face and front, but it just has an emptiness with her gone. I always taped the shows since I work & would watch the next morning before going to work. I thought Cristina was on a family vacation & it dawned on me something has not been right for several weeks. I failed to tape the show where it mentioned Cristina was not returning. I figured Tammy was gone awhile back when they were auditioning for a new DIY star.

    Home and Family’s days are numbered I believe. Too bad that management made a poor decision, which eventually will result in all will be losing their jobs. Their was a special uniqueness once & I remember the Thanksgiving show where all were seated around the table sharing their thanks & blessings. It was genuine and real.
    Thanks for the memories. The main spoke is missing and the wheel is wobbling badly. Now Home and Family is just like all the other talk shows where everyone is talking over each other and it makes me not want to watch. Now I fast forward the taped show and end up watching very little of the show, where previously I fast forwarded over commercials.

    The only thing for sure in life is change. That is why you must enjoy the good times when you are experiencing them as it will be a good memory later.

    When Hallmark abruptly removed Marie Osmond, I was sad, but delighted when Home and Family had Cristina and Maek. I knew Paige was not a good fit & thank goodness Cristina saved the day. But no more.

  79. I truly regret the decision to replace Christina, but it now gives me time to do other things than sit in front of my TV. I am no longer a fan and the Hallmark channel is off my watch list. I have enjoyed Christina on Facebook with Maria Shriver. Maria is a truly remarkable person and it didn’t take long for her to see the value and compassion that Christina has for her fans. Christina was the matriarch of Home and Family and now that she is gone, the others left need to watch their backs. It is just a matter of time until they are written off as well.

  80. Heard Cristina is coming back. Yay!!!! When? Thank you!

  81. I haven’t watched since Cristina was let go. I was one of the shows loyal viewers and cannot believe they made such a stupid mistake.

  82. Wow….how awful…this was “Home and Family” right?..Family is made up of people with all ages…

  83. I have tried to get back into watching Home and Family since Christina is gone but it’s just not the same. And now I fear Mark will be soon be gone also. Why do the writers and producers have to mess up something that doesn’t need fixing. You certainly are not gaining but in fact losing Audience by these changes that have been made. There’s not a enough good programming to watch on TV as it is. Sorry Home and Family. Bye

  84. Bye home and family! Cristina will be missed. Mark……….not so much!!!

  85. I thought I would get used to the new host and format but that is not the case. This Christmas in July was downright boring without Christina. For a network that bills themselves as the “Heart of T.V”, this was a pretty heartless move. I will no longer spend my money on Hallmark products because I fall into the demographic that Hallmark does not want (over 50). Oddly enough, my mom handed down the tradition of using Hallmark products, but I wont be making that mistake with my children.

  86. Terrible decision to let Cristina go. I have tried to continue watching Home and Family but the program has definitely lost its edge. Cristina brought warmth and familiarity to the show and Debbie does not have the same warm persona. Home and Family felt like a home and family with Cristina ; now this is just another tv show that offers no incentive to watch. Back to taping “The View”, “The Talk”, and “The Chew”. You definitely lost viewers with this decision.

  87. Was Cristina at the wedding?

  88. I was very disappointed to learn of Christina’s departure from home and family. I especially was annoyed with the male hosts only comment Christina’s out so and so is in. It was a disgraceful remark and I find myself no longer watching. I just cannot bring myself to have any respect for the male host. How could you let that be handled that way. I feel that your glowing comments and praise of Christina is all a lie and cover up of something else. I would appreciate your comments on this.

  89. What has happened to Home and Family.? The show now is a big unfunny joke.


  91. Big mistake…. I don’t think Debbie can replace Christina. I recorded the program for a week…just can’t get into it. Debbie can’t keep her hands off male guest.


  93. Unlike others, my husband & I both like Mark…he’s very genuine & fun. As Co-host, his job is to keep the activities & everyone moving along per scheduled show. Yes Christina was a great co-host, but we’re giving Debbie a chance. We think Hallmark is reaching out to a younger group of people trying to show them a warm home & family lifestyle that may just have escaped their lives. Go Hallmark! Mark just got married to an amazing beautiful Julie….that in itself is pretty awesome for anyone & Mark is so much in love & grateful to have met her in his life. He’s a guy people….they don’t show emotions as much as females do! He’ll be just fine moving ahead. So will Debbie if given a chance. They’re new together at this….give them a chance! Sit back & enjoy & after next season if you don’t like them, then there are lots of other channels to watch!

  94. Did you really fire Christine on acount of her age?
    WOW THAT IS SOMETHING! SOMETHING YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF. You air two of my favorite shows. I LOVE LUCY, Golden Girls. Hey the Golden Girls are old, much older then Christina.
    Heads up sponsors.Your all off my shopping list.
    PS. If they ask you back Christina,
    DON’T DO IT !!

  95. Agree, I have to pay for this channel is it worth it not really now.we want Christina back she brought class to the show. Debbie talks too much, guest rarely get to speak, today all they are doing is cooking, what happened to home improvements and crafts.. whomever made the changes for this show regarding people need to be FIRED IMMEDIATELY, I’m sure you have lost THE VIEWERSHIP OF MY AGE GROUP.

  96. The Hallmark Channel will regret their idiotic decision to get rid of Cristina for as Steines put it an “upgrade”. What a joke – Matenopoulos is an upgrade? Anyway I no longer watch and have had my Hallmark channel disconnected – along with many others and I will be signing the petition that is now circulating over this fiasco. Unless there is something we, the former viewers are not privy to, Cristina made that show – she made it – and without her it will fade away. They didn’t even have the guts to tell her she was being let go – they told her husband, Tony Thomopoulos, who was exec. producer of the original show. Who are these two-bit executives anyway. Enough said – Cristina has moved on as she is a beautiful, gracious and classy lady and so should we. Now let’s sit back and watch as the decisions these pompous nobodies made come back to bite them. Cristina has been around show business her whole life and she will come back into our living rooms better than ever.

    • I agree…Debbie Matenopoulos is certainly not an upgrade…no class. Hangs all over Mark. I really don’t watch this show any longer.

  97. Where is the petition do I can sign too?

  98. REALLY Hallmark? You think Christina can be replaced so casually and we (the ignorant viewers) either wouldn’t notice or wouldn’t care? WRONG!!! WILL NOT BE WATCHING YOUR STUPID SHOW ANY LONGER….And to think I paid extra to have the Hallmark Chanel.

  99. It should be called The Debbie M. Show! Grow up! Where’s the quality? It left when Ctristina did.

  100. I am not watching anymore. Cristina was the heart of the show. She had grace, style and elegance. Debbie is hollow, horrible and full of herself. Cristina had chemistry with everyone on the show. Debbie only has chemistry with herself. Please bring Cristina back! How can the Executives of the show not have paid attention to the episodes with Dolly Parton? It looked like Dolly was uncomfortable with Debbie trying to touch her. Hallmark Executives- translation: IDIOTS!!!!!

  101. Tuned in for the first time today in many months to view “Premier” show, which started off with their VERY awkward beginning, almost too painful to watch! Couldn’t believe that they have placed a camera in the producer’s room to show Woody Fraser for the pitiful picture he portrays. Putting a preacher on to replace Cristina’s faith and Christian position just doesn’t work. That’s all I could stand to watch. Click off!!!

    Hallmark giving Home & Family a fifth season with all the negativity and loss of viewers shows complete ignorance. Eliminating the Hallmark channel from my listings has also guaranteed that there hasn’t been a single Hallmark product in our home since Cristina’s removal. Good riddance to Hallmark, your channel, all your shows and products!!!

  102. I remember during its first run being so disappointed of the dismissal of Chuck Woolery. I quit watching the show after that.

  103. Cristina cannot be replaced and Hallmark made a serious error in judgment in letting her go. She is beautiful, smart, funny, experienced, empathetic and simply a perfect fit for the show. She was “too old” according to the Hallmark execs – look at your demographics? I am sure the 20 year olds are not watching the show – they are working. I hope Cristina gets her own cooking show. She is sorely missed by those of us who have watched her over the last 20 years and enjoy her natural presence – not someone like Mark or Debbie who always have to be “on” but someone secure in their talent enough to just be themselves. Big mistake Hallmark! You made it to Season 5 but you won’t make it to Season 6.

  104. I didn’t watch the show very often. But when I did, I certainly enjoyed having Christina there. Now, without her, I have no reason to tune in. Even the commercial where the bubbly new co-host tells us to tune for the “The next Home and Family” is obnoxious. Hallmark, I don’t know how many viewers you lost by throwing Christina out the door, but I’m willing to bet it’s a considerable number….

  105. I agree with everyone above, except for the one comment about giving Debbie a chance. She is no cohost. Its always about her. Everyone has the same opinion of Christina. The best you could find as a cohost. Beautiful, sincere, and like a family member. I can’t watch the show now, even though I have tried.

  106. Until I saw the new promos this week, I didnt know Christina was no longer on the show…busy summer, what can I say! I am so completely disgusted that Hallmark made this decision. Steines is a complete boob on the show and Christina was the one that kept it homey. I doubt I’ll even turn it on now. This decision smacks of age discrimination and possibly sex descrimination…keeping the dopey male and letting the classy older female go who totally made the show. It would be one thing if it was Christinas’s decision, but from everything I’ve read that was not the case.

  107. Cristina announced on her Facebook segment with Maria Shriver on September 23rd that she has Multiple Myeloma, a serious but treatable bone cancer. Funny how things turn out – she would have left Home and Family anyway due to her health issue but they couldn’t wait to pull the plug. I am so glad that the show is tanking and people are turning it off in droves. I predict it will be cancelled mid-season. Cristina is ready to publish her new cookbook and is working hard with Maria Shriver on beating Alzheimer’s by way of healthy “brain” food, which is the subject of her new cookbook. She is glowing on the outside and as beautiful as ever. Those of us who follow her are praying that she beats this cancer into remission.

  108. I was very disappointed to learn that Christina was no longer on the Home and Family show. The show just is not the same. I miss Christina. She brought something to the show that Debbie does not have. A sincere personality. I just recently watched it a couple days ago, but won’t continue to watch it. The show has lost its homeie feeling. Bring back Christina…Good bye..

  109. Well I can tell you that the show is not good anymore. She, Cristina actually ran the whole show and the viewers loved her. Why would anyone fire a person li,e her. Unless there is more to this story it’s a crazy thing to do with no talk of why at all. I personally will never tune in again s d have t since she left. I miss the show very much but there’s no show without her.

  110. I didn’t watch the show very often. The guy Mark was a total jerk. Christina was very good and lent class to the show. This new woman is a bimbo. She totally gags me. Not as bad as Kelly Rippa or Kathie Lee but she will be eventually. Christina was the only one on the show that was competent and acted like she had a brain.

  111. So how are their ratings doing now? I saw a couple of minutes of the show while flipping channels and was sadly disappointed. It looks like a children’s show and Mark and Debbie are the pathetic clowns! Too bad that the show went from classy and warm and informative to crap.

  112. Say it ain’t sooo!

  113. I am still waiting for some improvement since Christina Ferrare left the Home and Family Show, looking for warmth and sensitivity plus maturity in the programing of that Hallmark show. Debbie is OK but without Christina it is not the same show. I assume you were looking at a different age demographic .

    So many of us are so disappointed about her leaving. The show looks unpleasantly like any other daytime program. I can’t watch it and i have tried. “Class” is the thing Christina brought…gone now. Tell her we still love her please.

  114. I am still waiting for some improvement since Christina Ferrare left the Home and Family Show, looking for warmth and sensitivity plus maturity in the programing of that Hallmark show. Debbie is OK but without Christina it is not the same show. I assume you were looking at a different age demographic .

    So many of us are so disappointed about her leaving. The show looks unpleasantly like any other daytime program. I can’t watch it and i have tried. “Class” is the thing Christina brought…gone now. Tell her we still love her please. I probably said this before so I still mean it.

    I hope she is not ill, but if so so I will have to check with people I know in my medical field to see if she is being treated somewhere.

  115. Hallmark made a HUGE mistake letting go of the very person who brought class, sincerity, genuineness, integrity, with a light hearted spirit everyday that Christine was on the air!
    Never have I seen more of a jerk so full of himself with his egotistical arrogance and pompous as attitude than Mark…what a complete mistake Hallmark made keeping that idiot and letting go if the glue that held that show together!!
    I couldn’t believe that a network would allow that a**hole to talk so condescending, so rude and disrespectful than Mark did to Christine and other guests..depending on his time of the month…He’s a whiny, immature, poor excuse of a respectful host who has never grown up and treats people like sh** and gets away with it on this network!!!
    Hallmark…You made a HUGE mistake… I haven’t watched that show ever since you let go of Christine. I have never had such a strong emotional reaction as I have towards this decision. ..and it’s all due to the fact that Mark is less than a man who is an arrogant, immature, poor excuse of an adult who needs to be thrown off the show that Christine has built with class and grace.
    Shame on you Hallmark…
    Another Former Viewer who thinks
    Your actions are disgusting!!

  116. I haven’t watched the show since Christina was let go. I used to watch every morning, it truly felt like being part of a loving family. What a farce! Now, every morning, I’m reminded that people in positions of power can completely dismiss anyone they want. Well, this morning I decided to find a way to let Home and Family know the reason this faithful viewer has dismissed their show!

  117. I agree that Christina was the heart & warmth of the show. She gave of herself in an honest, sincere fashion. She was never afraid or too arrogant to make fun of herself or point out her faults. She was motherly & truly good natured.
    Her male co-host (oh yea), Mark, is forgettable & uninteresting. Let’s see how fast the show the show ends. I really have no comment about Christina’s replacement. She’s so insignificant, I can’t ever remember her name. I’m sure Hallmark hired her for her one perceived asset: blond hair. Otherwise, she’s more forgettable than Mark.

  118. What happened? I was not able to afford the extra cost to have Home & Family added to my Dish programming since May 2016. I just added it back and did not see Christina for two days. I thought she was on vacation or maybe ill, and no one was opening the show saying anything about her. I decided to look on the internet and found she was gone. Are you guys crazy or just stupid!?!
    Needless to say, I just cancelled my Home and Family channel with Dish. God bless Christina.

  119. Christina was the heart of Home and Family. Now that the heart is missing it’s just plane TV. So sad that they ruined the chemistry of a great program it has no interest to me now

  120. Big mistake no longer watch

  121. Better late then never. So here it goes …tried watching H&F without Christina, not good -another show down the tubes…Hallmark count me in as another lost viewer. Miss Christina!

  122. I think replacing her was the right thing. Show is much more exciting and fun to watch. I use to turn the channel now i find myself watching. They needed a younget person. Sorry, but it’s true.

  123. Agree with all above. Prefer to add constructive criticism. Cristina was owed, the viewers were entitled, the cast was obliged to have a proper week goodbye honoring the star who got H&F from season to season. Mark, you are not a sidekick, speak up and take back your role as lead host. Debbie’s voice is all we the viewers hear. Please be professional or leave the show. You appear to be counting down the days for you to exit the show.
    Debbie, don’t let them have you introduce everybody and every segment. Try to allow others to speak and share their expertise. You steal others thunder and it does not make you look good. Less is more, applies to hosting too!
    Cristina knew how to show her professional and compassionate side. I’m bothered by guests who were Cristina’s long time friends still appearing on the show. Thank you Maria Shriver for standing by your friend and your words.
    Healing prayers to Cristina and prayers for strength and compassion to her family. A giggle a day to fight this cancer. How very sad to come after being treated so disrespectfully by the Hallmark channel. Yet putting things into perspective.

  124. It’s a real shame that they show descrimination against Christina’s age. Debbie is ok but she will never match Christina.sorry but that is one show that is off of my list of things to watch.

  125. I already left one vicious comment when Christina first left the show, but decided to give Debbie a chance. However, after watching every day I have not changed my mind. As a matter of fact I am more convinced than ever that Christina made H&F worth watching. Debbie Matenopolous is so self centered and overbearing, she makes the show a screaming match worse than The View. Sorry to say but I will no longer be watching. I need to keep my stress at a manageable level , and that won’t happen watching Debbie M.

  126. Tried again after a couple of months away from the show. Sorry never really cared for Mark and Debbie brings nothing I was a loyal viewer but I ‘be got to find something else. You really let your viewers down!

    • Yes they did let the viewers . Too bad to throw away this program

  127. I am happy that Debbie is now working with Mark as a co-host. I like her very much and am glad the show has made a change in this area. Good for you! I enjoy the show very much and will continue to watch it.

  128. I am so disappointed to hear that they have replaced Christina Ferrare. She made the show. I definitely won’t be watching now. She was the only reason why I kept tuning in. The show has never been that great. I’m not sure who the producers are but seems they could come up with a better platform. It’s too silly. Now that Christina’s gone can’t even imagine the show being worth it to watch.

  129. No interest in continuing to watch. I’ve tried but to no avail. Seems some of the heart of the show is missing….. Bye Bye Home and Family

    I too agree with the overwhelming disappointment in the dismissal of Christina. She was the heart of the show and brought the feeling of family to the show. I often watched the show with my 87 year old mother, I am 51. Christina was equally appealing to us both. Christina was the warm, intelligent, and creative antithesis to the grating, condescending and annoying View….which is exactly what Debbie brings to your show. Clearly you aren’t aware of your target audience. Christina’s personality and her influence was the reason I watched and enjoyed the Hallmark Channel. Clearly those making decisions at the Hallmark channel are millenials who don’t even know the brand identity with Hallmark. Not only does this decision ruin and tarnish this show they are taking down the Hallmark brand overall. Finally, not giving Christina the respectful send off she deserved is disgusting and shows how those running the show are self centered, ungrateful, and dismissive of their viewership and.most importantly the fantastic woman who made the show what it was. I give the show one.more season….no one will be watching!

  131. I think the show made a Big mistake letting Christin go!! She had more class than anyone they chose to stay!Mark, he is a “joke “!! He is so flipping stuck on himself is isn’t even funny and so is Debbie. Maybe not as much as Mark, but the show has lost a lot of class and quality it had!!! I thought maybe it would come back some how but it hasn’t! So you have lost a viewer that never missed the show before the change!!! Too much immatureity for me!!! Who knows maybe someone will wake up and give Christine a Show of her own!

  132. Channel surfing the other day and saw this show. Men were dressed up in halloween costumes and singing together. Mr. Rogers would have been totally embarrassed for them! What the heck has happened to this show? Wheres the dignity? How humiliating.
    Oh wait! The dignity went down the toilet when you fired Cristina! Bet you are regretting that now!

  133. Since I found out that Christina left, I stopped watching Home & Family; Christina was the reason I was watching . .she made the Hollidays special. So upset with Home & Family producers. Shame on you all!
    The Holidsys won’t be the same for me anymore!

  134. Stopped watching the show after Tanya then Cristina were used then discarded. Just came here to see what people were saying now that Thanksgiving & Christmas are around the corner. Those shows were the heart of Home & Family & ushered in the Holidays for me. I see Mark & Debbie are ridiculous as ever. The heart & warmth of the show are gone. As others have stated the powers that be are stupid millenials who have no idea who their target audience should is or should be. Watch out to the rest of the cast….none of you are spring chickens!

  135. Watched half of the show and that’s all.
    Just not the same without Christina.
    Her being on the show was why I started watching to start with.
    Good Bye!!!

  136. I am very surprised that they isn’t try to keep Christina. She awesome and her and partner were great together. The show is not a good so ratings are going to down.

  137. Christina was the best part of this show. Her humor was much like Lucy. Mark steins is rude and a bully.
    Great job hallmark showing good values. She could have Co hosted with kym. Hilarious. Debbie is so
    Over the top phony. So acted responses and egotistical. Lost this loyal viewer for good now.

  138. I loved Cristina she was refreshing and had a heartwarming personality! If you cut her for someone younger well that is totally a bad mistake! If thats why you cut Cristina, I dont want to watch your show anymore! Debbie is not that pretty and she is hesitant and insecure acting! Like she is out if place!

  139. I just realized that Christina Ferrari is no longer on Home and Family(we were traveling most of the summer). I really liked her. She is a gracious and lovely woman.
    Bad decision!

  140. I have tried, but the show is not the same. I never cared for Mark and Debbie was OK in short doses. Together they are forced and cold. Christina gave the show it’s warmth. Family has all ages. Depending on the viewers age, she represented a wonderful grandmother, mother, sister or friend. Big, big mistake Hallmark! She was the heart and soul of the show! I cannot watch anymore.

  141. Bishop Mark

    It is rare for me to be writing the following comments, but on behalf of myself and fellow residents within our community I must tell you the disappointment I and they felt when I shared with them today while discussing TV programs, I was queried about why Christina had been absent; I answered that Christina was fired. The fact that she may be older and not young and full of verve as Debbie, she brought humor, maturity and warmth to every episode of the show. I have been retired for 11 years from my duties at the Vatican. I live in a retirement community at this time with 285 homes. I am currently on the Board of Directors and chair a number of committees. At this Residents Association meeting MANY responded to a survey about Debbie replacing Christina who was fired as co-host, and I agree. Even though we are all retired we are viable, faithful viewers and have ordinarily watched this program either in our homes or club house. The program had been taped every day for those residents who were not always available to view it at broadcast time and made it available on Clubhouse TVs. It was their vote at this meeting to discontinue doing so and use that time for other Hallmark programs.

    We are sorry to have lost a program that we had long enjoyed.

    Does the majority of your viewers really find this young blonde that impresses us as just another rich woman replaces Christina and her contributions. Your program is now, sadly off our morning schedules. Thank you for listening to 175 of us.

  142. I ditto all the above. Not watching any more.

  143. I have tried several times since the replacement of Christina to watch the show. And each time only watched for a short period. I could not stomach the program and its fake atmosphere of “Home & Family”. It has lost its grace and poise as a family show. It no longer seeks the mature level of thinking and creativity that I was use to from the program. When Christiana was co-host, she brought such warmth and love to the audience that they mattered. I am disappointed in your choice of replacement. She is not audience friendly, and seems to talk ‘above’ everyone as though she is in charge and knows best. I will not be watching anymore. I give up since it no longer appeals to me.

  144. So Hallmark – what are you going to do to rectify this?

  145. Sorry, it is not the same show. Less sincere and not as heart-warming as it was in with Christina. You really cannot imitate natural grace and charm. It has to be from the heart. Christina had both and made her guests comfortable and approachable. She also smoothed the rough edges of her co-host. I really have tried to watch and enjoy and it just does not hold my attention and it is slightly abrasive.

  146. Christina was the show. Her replacement is nice but not the same. I hope she is well. I love your shell and wish that I could be on it . Christina made you feel like if you could have a job that is the job you wish you could have she was so upbeat and happy. That’s the feel good feeling I get when I watch Hallmark.

  147. So sad about Hallmark making a disappointing decision for the holidays. I’m such a LifeTime Chic & really looked forward to this show at Christmastime. I have nothing against Debbie but Cristina was so endearing & funny. What a waste. I have not been watching. 🙁

  148. I really miss Cristina!!!!!!! She was just a class act and I really think Home and Family is not the same without her. Hallmark has really disappointed me with her firing!

  149. “Out with the old”. Mark Steines better look out. He looks a lot older when he is sitting next to Debbie. Jef

  150. It seems like a bad comedy now!

  151. I am so glad Cristina is gone. She is so full of herself and seemed to be a little to stuck up. Change is good and Debbie is attractive,fun and a nice bright spot in what was becoming an old folks show. I am 63 and even some of the other co hosts could use a little brightening up. The Dr. looks like she should retire.

  152. I agree with all the above! When I flip between the regular hallmark and movies and mysteries: I get nauseous when I see Debbie and Mark!!!! True betrayal of any home or family values. What classic and shallow liars you are! It makes me sick what you all did to Christina! Age is a gift of God and you all have disgraced what Christina makes look graceful and the gift that it is. She was sweet and loving…Debbie is shallow and full of herself! I go right past the show now when I see it on…no better than the other trash on tv talk when it was once a breath of fresh air! SHAME ON HALLMARK, MARK AND DEBBIE AND ANYONE PART OF THIS DECISION!!!!

  153. I have given the show a chance, especially for the chemistry to gel. Just not there. Really feel it during the warm holiday season. Unfortunately it feels like Debbie is still just filling in for Christina. The special sincerity that draws viewers to the show, Christina’s charm, is hugely missing and now it’s just another hit or miss cable DIY show. I turn it off more often than on…so sad. Bring Christina back or your show won’t have any longevity. Remember your audience Hallmark! Disappointed in this judgment call – or lack of.

  154. I have just read all the previous posts. I found only ONE positive post. Hallmark are you listening. I would like to compare Christina to Oprah in one respect. Christina like Oprah have that on camera ability to make viewers feel like we know them. That they are actually our friends and we could just sit down and chat with them. Everyone does not have this ability. Hallmark you better think of the love people have if Oprah, her ratings, and compare. Think!!!! While I too would like to tell you who to “get rid of”, I hesitate to do that because it seems insensitive and can cause devastation to them as well. I will just say correct this mistake and bring “our friend” Christina back! Until then, no longer tuning in.

  155. I have not watched this show since they ousted Christina Ferrare. I will not watch it without her. Debbie M is annoying. Mark Steines is ho hum. The other regulars are interesting, but cannot carry the show. I used to watch it every day, and tape it too. Not on my schedule anymore; boo hoo!

  156. All I can say is what the hell? Without Christina I am done!!

  157. I too am one of the ones that misses Christina. She brought a lot of class to the show and it seems a lot of the show is changing and just not the same without her. Debbie looks at the camera way too much instead of looking at the guest. Just not the same show. Even the crafts seem to have declined. Don’t know how much longer I will watch it. Shame shame shame on you for letting her go.

  158. I never watch or record the show anymore. I was very upset when I learned Cristina would not be back and neither will I.

  159. Christina was of my generation, but with the youth and vibrancy we all would like to have. Her class and beauty and gentle way of looking at everything made this a relaxing comfy show. I will not be watching another show geared towards the millenials and genxers. With Christina we were not forgotten. Now we are. So sorry Hallmark lost sight of their own vision for this show. So sorry Hallmark is also losing sight of aging women in many of their new movies. We are still here and still alive, and we love to be part of the world though it seems like we have become forgotten.

  160. I feel like the holidays just aren’t the same without Christina. What a sad time we live in that the replaced “Mom” with a Barbie doll. There was something so comforting when I used to watch. I tried again but just not the same.

  161. Debbie is a terrible host. No heart, no caring, just self centered and self absorbed. It used to be a good show. Not any more!
    And, omg, get rid of Mark too.!

  162. It is so disappointing what has happened to the show Home and Family. Christina was such a special part of the show, now it seems like it is always a big joke and all the regulars are always laughing and talking over each other!. Needless to say I no longer watch.

  163. I I enjoyed watching home and family because of Christina and Mark together she was very genuine and really made the show. I really think that you made a mistake not that anything is wrong with Debbie but what you had was special already.

  164. So sad that Christina is gone. Not watching any longer. I never write comments on anything but just had to regarding this. Bring Christina back. Show is boring and not the same. She was a good representative of Hallmark.

  165. Christina Ferrare is the only reason that I watched the show. I no longer watch it and I don’t care if it folds. I will never view Hallmark in a positive light again based on how Christina was replaced after she had rescued the ailing show at its inception. Debbie is a pushy phony. I’m done with it.

  166. Have not watched Home and Family since June when I realized fans were being lied to and Cristina was not on vacation. She was the heart and sole of that show! The class, the warmth, the humor, the honesty and integrity were noticeably lacking those few weeks I watched when she went missing. I was a faithfull viewer who had taped and watched every show beginning in the Fall of 2012. To later hear Cristina say she was told she was replaced due to her age is incomprehensible to me. So instead I follow Cristina on FB as well as her website. Enjoying her segments with Maria Shriver regarding fighting against Alzheimer’s. Can’t wait for her latest cookbook to come out regarding this topic. Looking forward to the day Cristina is back on television with her own show!

  167. i do miss Cristina. I understand the producer’s reasoning for wanting better hosts in other areas, but Cristina was sweet. In all honesty, some of the hosts weren’t great, and it was sometimes a little uncomfortable to watch them try to outshine each other and I don’t miss the “shoving my kid down your throat” side show either. Hollywood has always been fickle and at the end of the day, it’s a business with immediate consequences for both audiences and owners.

  168. Debbie is way too hper. You need to calm her down. I can tell Mark really gets upset with her sometimes with her actions. I know I do. She is an attention getter. Plese get a handle on this woman . It takes away from others on the show and from the show that many people use to love. Hope you listen to the viewer’s comments

  169. Christina couldn’t keep her hands off Mark. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought they were married.

    I thought she needed to go from the first show. This was great news to me.

  170. I am not a huge fan of Regis Filbin…one day would be enough for him as a guest co-host. Watching a full week of him is torture. I turned Home & Family off early Monday & again today. I’ll tune back in next week.

  171. So you dumped Christina from home & family big mistake, it should have been Mark. Every time he opens his mouth I want to throw up in my mouth. He is so obnoxious. You had a very good show withMichael Burger & Christina. Wise up hallmark you’re Dead to me. I’m going to cancel this channel and won’t be buying any of your products. Adios!!

  172. Home and Family is so annoying now. Debbie is so irritating with her super loud annoying clapping and talking over guests and trying to make stupid jokes all the time. Also, could her clothes be any tighter? I will not watch any longer. Terrible decision Hallmark!

  173. They let the wrong person go. Watch with my hand on the mute button. Mark talks way to much, makes the show difficult to watch. Very disappointed!

  174. I was never a Debbie fan so I quit watching the show. It is not Home and family when you shove family out the door, that is politics.

  175. I, just like the other viewers am very disappointed and unhappy with the dismal of Christina. I record Home and Family every day. I have never been so addicted to a show in my life as I am for H&F! No matter what your likes or concerns are, this show HAS IT ALL and ALL of their regular family members are AWESOME! Everyone who knows me knows I get all my information about anything from the show, LOL!! I too kept waiting for Christina’s return and was shocked and saddened when she didn’t return and with the way it was handled. You would have thought it was a major network and not Hallmark with the negative way it was carried out. Anyone who watched the show before and now after Christina, sees that the show is definitely not the same. The chemistry, the heart, passion, love, caring, life, excitement and warmth is nothing like it was was! She was like the glue that bonded everyone and everything together. I also have wondered about Tanya Memme and Laura Nativo who also brought fun and excitement to the show. It’s just not as upbeat as before all the changes. I DON’T WANT THE SHOW TO BE CANCELED and I don’t agree with all the negative comments about Mark and Debbie!!! Marks wit, humor, sensitivity, experience and spontaneity is what adds to the show and you see how they ALL love teasing and throwing jabs at each other and they laugh all the time because of it! THIS IS NOT BULLYING but just playful antics between all of them because they are so close! No, Debbie is not Christina but she was always great in her segments. Yes, I prefer Christina as the cohost over Debbie but they chose the best qualified within “the family”. I too wish Christina would come back and things be the way they were before, but that’s not a reality. Sad to hear about her cancer and wish her ALL THE HEALTH AND HAPPINESS IN THE WORLD!!!!!! MISS HER TERRIBLY!

  176. I should have made this comment months ago, but I agree with all who lost enthusiasm because they feel Christina Ferrarre added the more genuine warmth and “exuded” the climate of useful family lifestyle with greater sincerity than the current replacement and male sidekick Mark Steines, coming across more as decorative. Not meaning to disparage any of the other co-hosts at all, but they come across as just “performing”, whereas Christina came across as if her family life shared connections with various projects presented on the show geared for “family lifestyles”. It is not a matter when hosts perform roles remote to their own personal life, but that they come across convincingly as if their own life actually connects to what they are demonstrating on the show. I also suspect that those corporate bean counters simply wanted to replace a middle age woman with someone who appears younger. However, certain roles in life need hands on experience which requires a few years of actual living through “family” lifestyle issues.

    • She was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, an incurable blood cancer which currently holds an average life expectancy of about 7 years from time of diagnosis and chose to leave. She was not replaced due to aging.

  177. I hope it was not an age thing, because I am the same age as Cristina Ferrera. I have lost interest in the show though.

  178. I tried again to watch this terrible show and will never try again!! Used to be my favotite but I will turn off the tv while this crap is on from now on. Shame on you Hallmark

  179. The show doesn’t work any more. Debbie and Mark are such buffoons! They should be ashamed and totally embarrassed at that drivel.

  180. The alone reason I watched the show was because of Christina. I don’t watch the show anymore. Shame on you hallmark channel. I miss Christina class , charm sweet loving personal. She has big loving heart . God bless Christina . One door closed and a other door open.

  181. I am disappointed that Mark feels it is acceptable to constantly rag at Kim.
    Isn’t that a form of bullying? Would think so!

    She is very sweet and always remember she is also a wife and mother whom I am sure her husband and son hear your many uncalled for remarks.

    Mark how would you as a husband like for your wife to have this done on a daily basis to her. Don’t think so!

    Also not a good example for your two son’s.

    Be the nice man you are and be respectiful of others feelings.

    Thank you.

  182. What a mistake to put Debbie (I am so important) Matanopolos, as the host of Home and Family! She is so completely self absorbed, narcicistic big mouthed, no talent. Christine was real, and had talent. Debbie was a train wreck on the View, she loves to hear herself talk. Why have special guests, because this fame whore, would push herself in front of them…Bring Cristine back..dump miss important!!!

  183. March 15, 2017 at 6:00 p.m., Reply
    I still miss Cristina. She added an elegance and a warm, homey feeling to my morning. I watch the show when I can now, but try to avoid Debbie. I feel tense and tired when seeing her as she is loud, fast speaking and jumpy. I don’t mind Mark, I know he kids Kym, which I presume is just a thing for the show. When Cristina was there the show seemed more relaxing and classy. Apparently, however, you feel you must keep up with the fast pace of times and viewers. I’m sure Cristins is now probably not in a position, even if offered, to return to the show., but I just happened to come across all these comments and wanted to share mine.

    Miss you Cristina, and may everything go well for you. God Bless You and your family.

  184. Read all the above comments. Tried to give Debbie M a chance, but she’s getting even more self-centered and phony sounding as time goes on. Also getting tired of hearing Mark pat himself on the back. It’s embarrassing to hear Debbie and Mark talking over guests and stressing their own importance over the accomplishments of the guest. Neither of them Is is anyway, shape or form close to being as gracious a host as Christina was. I know Christina will not be back, but the show has certainly suffered with the loss of this wonderful host. And I miss Tanya Memme!

  185. I stopped watching when mark was getting snarkie towards Christina. It is a mistake to keep the likes of Mark over the talent of Christina. I change the channel as soon as it comes on, just not fun anymore.

  186. I wish someone would get Debbie a sweater. She keeps getting the chills and it is getting annoying.

  187. You guys got this wrong! Debbie stinks on home and family! Alot of us watched you daily, not anymore the show stinks! Bad move firing Christina!

  188. Really miss Christina she was such a wonderful part of the show not the same without her

  189. When Christina was let go I had a feeling that it was to do with her health. Well of course everyone denied it and said it was a network decision etc. Now all this time later and we get told she has been diagnosed with cancer. Is it a coincidence? I don’t think so. Sending prayers and positive energy her way!

  190. I do not like Debbie as co-host, she laughs too much and is not a good interviewer. When guests are cooking she goes ahead and does what she wants with recipe and then it is wrong. I wish Christina was back or I like Kim too, she is funny and doesn’t interrupt guests like Debbie does. I am having Hallmark Channel taken off of my cable because I can’t take watching it. Kim does such a good job replacing Debbie when she is gone and she asks good questions of guests and does not laugh and expect it to be funny like Debbie. I get so riled when Debbie is interviewing and laughs and expects others to think she is funny. Please replace with Kim.

  191. I had the day off, tuned in to Home and Family and OMG – what a mess, terrible interviews and conversation. Some decent guests but the class, respect and talent has left the entire show. What a mess! Sorry to hear of Christina’s current health struggle but she is sorely missed in this format – would love to see their current ratings compared to past years.

  192. It seems many people have misunderstood the reason for Christina’s departure. She was not “dumped” or forced out. She was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, which is an INCURABLE blood cancer, and chose to leave the show. Currently, only half of those diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma survive past 5 years, and very very few survive more than ten, while undergoing various treatments, many experimental and quite difficult. My thoughts and prayers to Christina as she focuses her energies into battling this dreaded cancer, as well as to the scientists who work to design new experimental treatments in search of a cure for all those affected.

  193. I have wanted to watch the show for the DIY tips but cannot get past the lame discussions and the cookie-cutter look/personalities of everyone. I don’t watch it every day but every time I’ve turned it on and I’ve only seen white women in their 20s and 30s and a white guy or two of the same age bracket.
    I guess it’s true that diversity makes things much more interesting. Because I haven’t seen it here.

  194. The problem with all of this is that Cristina didn’t tell the truth. She didn’t want to tell about her illness, and that was her business, so she made up the story about being fired.

  195. I fully understand why Christina was fired and agree but this is a “family show” and your choice of making Debbie M. The new host is a horrible mistake. She is so fake and flaky, but the most disturbing thing about her being a host along side Mark is the way she dresses. She is the ONLY female in the cast that dresses like a SLUT. Yes, A SLUT!!!!! She always has to be showing as much skin as possible. It’s disgusting and her body language and the way she keeps glancing at the camera to make sure it’s on her is so obvious. You need to have someone with a hell of a lot more class than she has as your host. This show represents the Hallmark Channel and you have a white trash host heading up a family show. I JUST DNT GET IT!!! At least Christina was dressed and not half naked!!!!!

    • That settles it. I’m going to have to start watching!

  196. I am so disappointed that christina was fired from home and family she was. The heart of the show I tried watching after she left it was not the same show sorry hallmark you lost a good fan.Darlene

  197. When is Cristina coming back? Debbie is awful, Mark is unbelievably awful! Put Kym in there. At least she is pleasant and professional and knows how to speak like an adult.

  198. to me actually I’m kind of glad she is gone because it was someone on the air that you can go to a thrift store and get some items cheaper then she said oh my God now I’ll be so embarrassed of going into a thrift shop get real people us low class did not live up to her standards the point is we are the ones who signs her paycheck we are the ones who is a rating I still love to watch home and family but to me I think they need to bring the tone down a little bit just too noisy and too loud Christina is kind of like a I understand that may not be her way of shoppingt to me I love going to thrift storesthere is a lot of celebrities that would not even give us low class people a Second Glance of course yes they have to go to work to get a paycheck but yes they are rich they are comfortable but don’t downgrade people that get you where you are today

  199. WHAT???

  200. What to do that I have tried to give the show with Debbie a chance. She is constantly talking over the guests and even her fellow costars Cristina never did that treated everyone with respect and dignity. If Hallmark should have an opportunity to hire Christina again they should certainly do so she was a true asset to the channel. I’m sure she will be missed Forever by her fans

  201. . I was heartbroken to see Christina removed from the show, especially without any explanation to the show’s “family” audience and not allowing her to say goodbye to everyone who followed the show because of her. I watched a few more episodes to see if she was coming back and also to give Hallmark the chance to convince me that they knew what they were doing (afterall, look how successful the show was with Christina).
    What a major disappointment! Did they also replace the show’s decision making executives? That’s the only thing that could possibly explain their decision to replace Christina with Debbie. I don’t dislike Debbie, I just dislike having her as a co-host on my favorite show. She is the complete opposite of Christina and I cannot make it through watching a whole show, even to watch my beloved DIY projects! There is no “family” television show for adults to enjoy now that she is gone. Now, I just get out my (very) old “family values” DVD tv shows to keep me complany during your timeslot. I have tuned back in to check on the show several times this year, hoping that it would’ve have toned down and adopted Christina’s heartfelt style, but it’s only gotten worse. Hallmark, what were you thinking? Give Mark & Debbie a game show (something competitive for their egos) and please do whatever it takes to get Christina back. Your most loyal viewers would like to give you the opportunity to win us all back.

  202. Ali Fedotowsky-Manno will soon be replacing Debbie. I am sick of Debbies constant fake tears and chills

  203. How is Cristina’s health? Don’t hear much about her. Loved her on the show. Mark and Blubbering Debbie are obnoxious!

  204. I mostly stopped watching H&F when Christina (my second “mom”) left. I tune in to H&F occasionally, to see if it’s any better — but it’s still empty without Christina. I saw Kym on the other day, and it was so good to see her again, at least. — hilarious! Debbie Is trying toooo hard to always be “on”, has too much nervous energy for mornings, and still hasn’t *relaxed* into this job. She must be exhausted! I just REALLY miss the HEART of the show — Christina. Watching her was like a big, warm hug from mom every morning. So, so needed in this crazy world!

  205. I will never watch that show again,,,they made a huge mistake getting rid of Christina !!!!!

  206. I too, have TRIED to watch home and family just to see if it has changed any and I must say YES IT HAS CHANGED but for the worse! Debbie is a loud, obnoxious, know-it-all-classless-poor-excuse-for -a-host. And I am am totally surprised at the way she dresses and Hallmark allows it. I thought this was supposed to be a “family” show – not a how to dress like a hooker show. And Mark? Sorry but he’s a huge disappointment also. He feeds off of Debbie’s stupidness. Hallmark, you really blew it. I will remain a “non-watcher.”

  207. I really liked Christina on the show, she is missed she brought life to the show, I wish she was back. I don’t watch it as much now as I did when Christina was on.

  208. A long time viewer, I have always recorded the shows to watch as I am at work when it is broadcasted. I agree wholeheartedly with all of the above comments above on how sad viewers are about Christina’s exit.

    I was on a flight with Christina in 1978, LAX to JFK. A true class act and more beautiful in person. Christina’s gone and so am I, stopped recording the show. She was the ONLY reason I watched.

    Mark is an immature and self centered 53 year old not to mention egotistical to the point of annoying,

    Christina comes back and so do I.

  209. Looks like Mark better start looking for employment too. How does it feel, Mark? Everyone on shows are the young crowd who diss the generation who made the show a success. Won’t watch them!

  210. I thought it was very sad when Christina left your show, but now it’s just pitiful. I’ve tried so many times to watch, but with Debnie trying to be tearful and sensitive and whatever male host you can find trying to be cute, it’s just a waste of time watching. Sad!

  211. As a still vibrant woman of middle age, I agree with everything y’all have said regarding all of the sudden staff shakeups on H&F. Discusting to say the least! We call for a sudden staff shakeup listing Woody as having been released!

  212. Home & Family thinks they know what we want but the people running it want the young crowd I guess but little did they know that the young crowd is not interested in it. DEBBIE is so fake and so was Mark but she is really bad at it! Don’t people see thru it! I watch Hallmark for the movies since H&F have shown me that they don’t want mature women watching it! We can see thru the little girl trying to be so loving and sexy! Too bad though because the others are enjoyable to watch with the crafts and gardening parts! The management needs to be fired abruptly and replaced with people who want to please the audience.

  213. Your net work is going down hill. You claim to be a Christian net work, but I do not see any Christian behavior. First you got rid of Christina who not only was a great host she was genuin. Debbie maybe a nice person, but she does not come across as very sincere. All of my friends and family agree. She tells everyone that they are her favorite. On many occasions she acts like she is interested in animal, but never follows thru. Today she said to a guest that noone leave without a gift, which is also fase. I miss Christina. At least Cam seems more genuin. When he says a dog is going home with him he did bring one home. Then there is the issue with Lori Loughlin she made a stupid mistake. What happened to forgiveness. Your actions not only hurt her, but hurt the other actors in garage sale murders as well as the fans. As much as I love the other mysteries I get tired of watching them over and over again. The other thing that makes me unhappy is Christmas all year. I really looked forward to my Christmas movies every year. During that time I watched them multiple times, but even for me all year is too much. Im not the only one who feels that way. Eventhough I’m on a fixed income pay a higher cable bill just so I could watch hallmark. 95% of what I watched was on hallmark. These days I find myself watching hallmark less and less. You used to be such a great station. It makes me very sad how you treat your stars. You are not very loyal or forgiving.

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