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Actor Goes After Fox News in Heated Exchange With Megyn Kelly

Jul 14, 2016  •  Post A Comment

A guest on Megyn Kelly’s Fox News Channel program “The Kelly File” got into it with the host as a discussion of race and recent police shootings heated up.

With Kelly and actor and comedian D.L. Hughley far apart in their perspectives on the issue, the interview deteriorated into a “Don’t ‘Wow!’ me” … “Don’t tell me not to ‘Wow!’ you” shouting match before Hughley took the opportunity to critique Fox News. A short time later, Kelly abruptly cut off the interview.

Here’s the clip, which was posted by Fox News …


  1. I have lost all respect for Mr. Hughley who obviously has deep seeded Jarrad towards whites and police officers. I have yet to hear anyone offer up a solution rather than playing the role of victim. Never, “What attracted the attention of the police in the first place?”.

    Hey D.L., get that chip off of your shoulder…

  2. Hatred… Now he is an actor rather than a comedian who plays the role of the disadvantaged and angry black man when he is more privileged than you or I. I have a feeling that there will be serious repercussions over this interview as far as his career goes…

  3. He’s not an actor he is a comedian and a writer. Get it right.

    • No, YOU get it right. Ever hear of the ABC show called “The Hughleys”? He is an actor.

  4. I have no sympathy for these people. Let them clean up their acts–get jobs, take care of their families, stay away from criminal activity–and then we’ll all talk about fair treatment from the police. Don’t spout hatred for the law enforcement when the problem lies in your own communities. Black people like Hughley are trying to profit by starting a race war in America.

  5. Saw the interview as it was happening. Paused the TV and called for my wife to come watch as well. I wish I could say “unbelievable” but sadly, this is becoming far too commonplace. I was reminded of a poster I say in the 70’s with a bulldog on it with the caption “My Mind is Made Up, Don’t confuse Me with the Facts!” Evidently, Hughley has been living under a rock somewhere because Kelly just couldn’t get him to acknowledge the FACTS of the Michael Brown incident and the fallacy of the “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” narrative. Did anyone else notice, that at one point, as Hughley’s frustration mounted, he called Kelly “woman” ???

  6. It is difficult for one to have an open discourse when others are fixated in their jaded view. Mark Mr. Hughley as “has been” status as he just lost me as a fan. His show on CNN had great potential in my view.

  7. Good for him!
    We need more people to call out Fox for it’s ridiculous right wing slant on everything.
    At least Rupert Murdoch admits that their sole propose is only to elect Republicans, that was refreshing.

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