Bill Clinton’s Choice for Hillary’s Running Mate Revealed

Jul 21, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Bill Clinton has made his feelings known about who he’s backing to be Hillary Clinton’s running mate. AOL reports that Clinton has come out in favor of Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia.

Kaine is the former governor of Virginia, and a member of the Armed Services Committee, the report notes.

“Bill believes Kaine’s experience with both national and international relations will appeal to voters,” AOL reports. “He’s also confident Kaine would be prepared to take over as commander in chief if anything were to happen to Hillary.”

The report adds: “Though Bill states the choice is completely up to his wife, President Obama has also said he would support Kaine on the ticket. Kaine was on Obama’s VP shortlist in 2008 before he ultimately decided on Joe Biden.”


  1. Ummmm, Billy Boy…It’s NOT you’re choice.

  2. As governor in Virginia, Kaine is best known for closing all the highway rest stops to save money. Big accomplishment…

  3. Bill & Hill-it has been such a disappointment and the bar is so low, if you choose Tim Kaine (Mr. Personality?), all will be lost. Your only hope will be Elizabeth Warren, a firebrand who can knock the socks off of the electorate and inspire Millenials, who for the moment, are completely uninspired! I love Bill Clinton of days gone by, the 21st century version of Bill just doesn’t cut it anymore.

  4. Love Elizabeth Warren, she is just what we need to knock some socks off.

  5. I am a Canadian interested in what happens in the USA but it would not be appropriate for me to comment on that situation. I just hope the right person becomes the President but that will be decided by Americans.

    It is important to Canadians because when you cough, we sneeze!

    I do hope whoever it is will get along with our PM Mr. Justin Trudeau, I remember him as a little boy travelling the world with his Father Pierre Elliott Trudeau.

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