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Chipotle Faces New PR Challenge After Executive Is Arrested

Jul 8, 2016  •  Post A Comment

Chipotle Mexican Grill has had its share of PR issues lately, not the least being a series of food contamination incidents. Now the restaurant chain has released a new 4-minute promotional video that MediaPost reports marks a return to the company’s “pre-crisis brand messaging about the superiority of its fresh, natural ingredients over typical fast-food fare.”

You can watch the clip below.

But Chipotle’s woes do not appear to be going away quietly. The company has just waded into a new wave of negative publicity after its chief marketing executive was arrested this week.

“Mark Crumpacker, who joined Chipotle in January 2009 as the company’s first chief marketing officer and now holds the title chief creative and development officer, was arraigned in Manhattan on July 5, charged on seven counts of cocaine possession,” MediaPost reports. “He was put on administrative leave last week, following a media report that he had been among 18 people indicted by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office for alleged illegal drug buys.”

The new PR video, which the company says was in development before the contamination incidents first surfaced in August 2015, was posted the same day Crumpacker was arraigned, July 5, and hits movie theaters today. Here it is …


  1. I trust the coke is better than their food!

  2. Ever since the fast food companies started getting hammered by chipolte and the word was being spread, suddenly all sorts of bad things are happening. I truly believe there is a marketing hack, hired by fast food, to work night and day to malign their biggest competition. And what does a marketing managers cocain problem have to do with the running of the company anyhow??? Maybe he’s the reason they are not fighting back in the right way against fast food. This character should have been on the ball long ago.

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